Everyone off the Ramps!

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Lerner was just evacuated after a fire alarm sounded. No need for real alarm, though, dear reader, as the entire Bwog staff was able to exit the building safely after that meeting you should’ve attended. When several of them tried to re-enter to find out what was going on, they were told to “just get out.” The 212 staff were just as clueless as we were. Journalism: it sometimes works.


Aww! We were just socializing on the ramps!


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  1. The Majestic Drape  

    It was me! HAHAHAHA!!! What? Spec is in another building?

  2. Anonymous  

    Grade-A work with that caption, Bwog.

  3. I wonder...  

    how much of a hazard Lerner is just because it's so confusing...

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