Bwoglines: No Man is an Island Edition

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John Donne does not approve.

We are reminded once again that our beloved campus bird of prey is not alone in the big city. The Times answers “your” questions about hawks in Manhattan. (NY Times)

Don’t get too attached to the comforts of your subculture; hipsters won’t last forever. (Flavorwire)

Rick Santorum, the anti-cajun, bonds with Louisiana primary voters, and it pays off. (CNN)

McDonald’s has a new CEO, and he possesses a “relatively rare mix of social prowess and sophisticated mathematical skills.” Clearly this author has never visited Mudd! (Reuters)

Today is International Waffle Day! Go forth and gorge! (Gothamist)

Not any man (or hawk) via Wikimedia Commons.


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  1. yo hivemind  

    i'm a senior and i still don't know when they announce the bacchanal lineup. anyone?

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