The King’s Spear Penetrates Columbia’s Secrets

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For those racy news items like “Post-Bacchanal Baby Boom: Snoop Dogg in Child Support Suit” you just can’t get from Bwog or the Spec, look no further than Columbia’s newest newspaper, The King’s Spear.

The Spear—as its anonymous editor calls it, for short—spans the spectrum from kinda lame, with a Faux-llinger column called “Carroll’s Corner,” to fairly witty. Its headlines are Onion-like, featuring gems such as “Security alert: Unidentified man displays gun to Columbia student, student displays iPhone, both part ways impressed by other’s possessions.” and “Local Middle School Team Hosts Training Clinic for Columbia Football.”

How The King’s Spear will stack up against existing satire publications like The Fed and Jester remains to be seen—for now, we’re just looking forward to its housing coverage.


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