Subtle Signs Of Aging

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We at Bwog are big on celebrations—or anything that involves party hats, really. So when a tipster spotted the following sign outside Mel’s, we couldn’t help but wonder who exactly “The Boss” is (Bruce himself?) and whether or not we’re invited…

Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves

Although we were initially disappointed to find out that the party isn’t in honor of Don Draper’s 40th, we have since refocused our collective excitement toward the prospect of cake/weeknight drinking. Super Sleuth Briana Last that THE BOSS is in fact Steven Kay, who has been the owner of Mel’s for a year and a half. The party will feature a Grateful Dead cover band because “Steven loves the Grateful Dead.” Who doesn’t? (Don’t answer that.) Since the celebration starts at 10:30, there may be a small buffet—cake could not be confirmed—and the kitchen might close a little early as a result. One employee declared that “we’ve all come to love him,” and that’s why they’re throwing him a par-tay (his real birthday’s on Sunday, for the diehard fans). Though his friends and family will be joining him, the Columbia community is also welcome. According to the person Bwog spoke to, we’re all invited!

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  1. love  

    the 30 rock reference in the caption

  2. Anonymous

    Wait, it's tomorrow night, right? As in the 29th?

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