Ambitious Prospies Swarm Campus

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According to several tipsters, hordes of prospective Columbians—whom our super scientific guestimations put somewhere between 4 and 6 years old—have been spotted amassing on and around Low steps, and in front of Butler. They’re tiny. They’re adorable. Pink puffer jackets abound.

One such youngster was overheard making an astute observation outside Butler:

“Every kind of library is for different types of playing. This is a library for playing less.”

Contemplating their own mortalities/bag lunches

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  1. Anonymous  

    That quote is...adorable. And so true.

  2. Anonymous

    tiny humans are the best humans

  3. Anonymous  

    Can I thumbs up the "proportionally are mini-reeses like regular reeses for them?" tag?

  4. Anonymous  

    I barely get any playing done in Butler at all.

  5. Anonymous  

    i dont like kids

  6. all-nighter  

    They paraded through 209 at like 10 this morning and after a night of studying I almost cried at the adorableness.

  7. Anonymous  

    Only $10 between them? I guess they're prospective GS students.

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