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What appeared to be an innocuous CCSC missive from Student Body President Aki Terasaki turned out to contain a bombshell.”It is with mixed emotions,” he writes, “that I formally announce my resignation as CCSC President, effective immediately.” While the message did not contain an explicit reason for the surprise move, he mentions the “difficult experience,” of “reading what other people write about you.” Full text below:

Subject: [ALMA MATTERS ♔] KL 3.6.2015

Attention, my dear Columbia College.

“President” is never an easy title to live up to.

Reading what other people write about you (and sometimes to you) can be an incredibly difficult experience, and there have been points where I have almost become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of words. Initially, a letter is just a letter, but after several hundred, I have finally come to realize what really matters. Leadership is about recognizing the best step for the greater good, and so it is with mixed emotions that I formally announce my resignation as CCSC President, effective immediately.

First off, I would like to thank my incredible fellow council members, who have accomplished so much this year (see the attached document) and have supported me from the very start. Of course, I want to thank all of you for being a fantastic—albeit captive—audience; my foremost memories are of my interactions with the wonderful students that make up Columbia. On the job and off the job, you have all shown me the importance of standing up for yourself and finding new beginnings.

Little word of advice: most of the time, life is a blur, but on occasion a piece stands out in front of the others—chase that one and follow it to the end.

Signing off,

Aki Terasaki
Student Body President
Columbia College ♔

Update: Aki just sent an email to Bwog admitting it was just an April Fools prank. And as one commenter suspected, the subject line was an inside joke. Explanatory e-mail after the jump.

Subject: Happy April First!

Hi everyone,

So, as I hope you’ve all gathered by now, the email I sent last night was in fact an April Fool’s joke–albeit one that I realize may not have been in the best of tastes. I do strongly believe that this campus could use a bit more humor, and I only meant to bring some levity to the day. However, I also see how my stumbling attempts to lighten the mood may have resulted in more concern than I anticipated, and for that, I apologize.

I want to take this opportunity, though, to bring to the forefront the destructive effects of people’s anonymous comments. While I may not be resigning due to what’s been said about me, there have been countless individuals who have been victimized by online harassment to a much worse extent and usually with worse outcomes. Trolls will be trolls, but before you post that snarky comment, take a second to reflect on how you would want people to treat you in that situation. We should be creating a group that seeks to support itself and its members, taking accountability for our own actions as friends and fellow students. Hopeless romantic that I am, I believe that Columbia can become that community one day, and I am proud that there are students already working toward this goal. On that note, it’s Random Acts of Kindness Week, so go out of your way for someone. I promise it’ll make a world of difference.

To the people who reached out to me, please accept my sincerest apologies and thank you for being students who care. To the general population, remember that no one likes a troll, but always keep your sense of humor. And to the haters, well, better luck next time.

From the fool himself,

PS: For any student of Lit Hum…King Lear, Act III, Scene 6, Line 2015.

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  1. this bitch  

    is either trolling for April Fools or picked a really dumb time (near midnight on April 1) to decide to resign unexpectedly

  2. jeez  

    check the date, yo

  3. Anonymous  

    april foolz.

  4. The date  

    when the email was sent is March 31st.

  5. huh  

    It's kind of a boring April Fools joke...sadly too plausible.

  6. Aki

    Thanks for playing along Bwog!

  7. Anonymous  

    ewwwww good riddance

  8. CCSC member

    Wtf! After this, you probably should resign. Rather have Barry Weinberg as Pres anyday. At least we would have accomplished something this year!

    • KR

      Aki has been a wonderful leader on campus. I don’t know any CCSC member who would say (let alone comment) otherwise. If you need a reminder of all he has helped accomplish this year as president, just take a look at his email attachment.

    • ....  

      Nice try Barry Weinberg

      • bjw2119  

        Sadly, I was never elected to CCSC and thus am not a "CCSC Member." While I appreciate the flattery, Aki's right to point out that hateful anonymous comments on Bwog can stymie efforts to create a real community on campus. Given this weekend's awesome CCO/Relay for Life double-header, it would do for all the trolls to get a little more sunlight and a little less LCD flicker by going out and actually having fun while building community.

  9. uhm  

    this is a weird joke.

    i am very glad i ignored the impulse to reach out to him to thank him for the work he'd put into leading our student body.

  10. Anonymous

    Sounds like finishing the year was as optional as attending meetings

  11. Anonymous  

    You should resign after not slapping the Bacchanal committee for their choice

  12. Modern-Day Holmes  

    Note: First letters of each sentence spell it out.

  13. Ugh  

    Can Bwog PLEASE stop publishing every random email it receives as fact? I would've appreciated some actual clarity on the situation, and you all are doing nothing to achieve that.

  14. anon  

    "Reading what other people write about you (and sometimes to you) can be an incredibly difficult experience". If it's indeed a joke, you'll really resign after reading the comments on bwog.

  15. Anonymous  

    "Aki, previously thought to be something akin to an elf, has revealed himself to be a massive troll."

  16. Anonymous

    after finding out this was a joke, i almost wish it werent..

  17. A disappointed fool  

    Taking the position as CCSC President is one that requires so much from a person and more so than not is a very trying in every aspect of campus living and life. If this is a joke or not I will be disappointed to no end. It makes me think of what lies ahead.

    I am familiar with members of both running parties in this year's elections and they are both under-equipped for what is in store for them next year. Will Hughes, Lauren Barriere, Peyton Bell, Jean Pierre, Yanyi Luo, Janice Yoon are being supported by friends but are not being told the truth about the commitment to CCSC that they must make. You must have a passion for Columbia like no other and be experienced, have the skill set necessary, and patience to move our campus forward as representatives of our school. You are not ready.

    Alex and Karishma, your decisions are disappointing. I have never gotten the impression that you two are opportunists but the way you have built your parties confirm my doubts. I am sad and heartbroken. Karishma, you were so sweet and passion driven and now your name is tainted to me forever. Alex, you have become a hypocrite to me. You always preached about the injustices of politics and you dove right in with the least prepared party since Isaac Lara. You might have been able to convince your party that they have what it takes and maybe in time they might, but you have thrown them into a place where they face many disappointments from their own hand.

  18. Irony  

    Although I agree that this is a rather strange joke, I feel like Aki is also trying to express his actual frustration with us making fun of him all the time while masking it in the guise of April Fool's. He's an easy target because he writes such lighthearted and whimsical emails that are sometimes annoying at four in the morning while trying to finish off a paper (just like everything is annoying at such times). It would be really ironic, therefore, if we took this opportunity to bash him even more. Also, I want you to know, Aki, that the silent majority appreciates your enthusiasm and optimism.

  19. Anonymous  

    take a look at the tags, duhh

  20. Anonymous

    Last year I was interning at a big company and their HR department sent out an April fools email something like, "from now on we're going to be using the QR-109 forms for time-tracking. Don't submit the old 1L's." Then the next day we got an email saying that the previous email was a joke, and then had a two-hour meeting to reexplain the time sheet policy.

    I hate April fool's day.

  21. disgruntled student  

    Sick jokes like this make me farty. Mr. Terasaki has consistently disrespected me and my email inbox.

  22. Is there any significance...  

    to "KL 3.6.2015" in the subject line?

  23. This is just  

    really bizarre.

  24. KR

    Aki has been a wonderful leader on campus. I don't know any CCSC member who would say (let alone comment) otherwise. If you need a reminder of all he has helped accomplish this year as president, just take a look at his email attachment.

  25. ...  

    i read this as:



  26. Ka  

    GO fuck yourself - Aki - the retard!

  27. Anonymous  

    Why does no one think this was funny? Come on, he got Bwog!

  28. Please BWOG!  

    I'm not one to harp on BWOG stuff, but I think you have some more work to do in fixing the negative comment issue. This is pretty awful stuff.

  29. Anonymous

    I think Michael J. Fox has better things to do than hold the camera for CCSC vids.

  30. Anonymous  

    Uhhhh on a matter of technicality, since I received this email at 11:57pm on March 31st, in my mind this is a totally valid letter of resignation. People who make April Fool's jokes on days other than April 1st should be forced to carry out their joke as punishment for a trolling violation. Therefore, I no longer recognize Aki as my president and all of his future emails will be directed straight to my spam to join the mixture of penis enlargement emails and Roar-ee the Lion emails promising me a keychain and a bottle of water to go watch women's fencing.

  31. Anonymous

    he should've waited 3 minutes until it was midnight! he sent it on march 31st!

  32. Twitch

    On a campus that takes itself too seriously as its student body drowns under the weight of an insane workload, a hostile administration, self-imposed "too cool for school" high-school-intellectualism and the pressure of being bottled up on a tiny campus with neither the ability to throw house parties nor the possibility of ever going downtown, having someone in a public position recognize the need for fun is huge.

    Aki is a hero. A modern day Bartleby the Scrivener. A Don Quixote. This makes

  33. Anonymous  

    this wasn't funny in the least. does aki even know what april fool's is???
    if he doesn't, he should really resign.

  34. Anonymous  

    Somebody likes the bubble tea in Cafe East?

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