Alums Geek Out Over Game of Thrones Return

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Tonight is a big night for television, at least for those with HBO. Several alums have created a video recapping season 1 of Game of Thrones to of the classic “Say My Name.” They then tipped it to Bwog. Nice to know some things, even in the real world, never change. Season 1 spoilers abound.

Video Cred to Tom Keenan, CC ’07, feat. Alex Whitney, CC ’09 & Stephanie Quan, CC ’08

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  1. dilemma of the forever:  

    do i watch mad men tonight or game of thrones premiere....

  2. dilemma of the forever:  

    mad men or game of thrones premiere?!?!?

  3. I cannot

    express the degree to which this is awesome! So ready for the premiere.

  4. nwbar

    Is this the proper place for my Tyrion/Jon Snow slashfic?

  5. Anonymous

    what channel is HBO in the dorms?

  6. Anonymous  

    They guy with the pecks is smokin' hot!

  7. Twitch

    Creative, talented, entertaining and unemployed? English and Anthro majors, enjoy this but beware.

  8. Twitch

    (In what world do employed members of society have the amount of time to think up, direct and produce this? It's good. Too good. Multiple takes good.)

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