Bwoglines: So Clever Edition

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Will the real Marky Mark please stand up?

Maybe just like Justin Beiber, we too have reached our peak young. But are we really getting dumber? (Daily Beast)

For those of us who have better things to do than pay attention to mainstream American politics, the New York Times has kindly created a quantum theory model of Mitt Romney’s personality. (NYT)

Facebook’s issues aren’t its countless privacy violations, but its time travel problem. Enraged bloggers stick it to Marky Mark. (Mashable)

It turns out pirating music online isn’t the same thing as stealing bananas from JJ’s. (Freakanomics)

Soon, we’ll be able to design our future house pets to order. Let’s hope the process doesn’t look anything like CU Printing. (Economist)

Not Zuckerberg via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. LOL

    The Economist piece is an Apr Fools joke.

  2. Anonymous

    "mainstream American politics"? seriously, Bwog daily editor? what are we considering not-mainstream American politics?

  3. The Cloaked Platypus  

    Bwog, you are stupider than a color blind man asking his color blind friend whether a banana is ripe!! Your comments make about as much sense as Schroodinger with a mistress or Feynman carousing with women (they were both married, so all this womanizing is obviously the result of haters and hipsters that need a PhD thesis). I think you need to shove your head back in the sand so that the Europeans don't find you when they come over, otherwise this blog may end up like the dodo birds! Spéc supporters, you will burn with the spéc in a whole while I look upon the abyss as a spectator. spécsucks.wordpress.com

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