Free Food: Discuss Exotic Locales over Exotic Fare

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This is you on roti

The Globals Scholars Program is hosting an info session tonight at 6 pm in Kent Hall. Most importantly, the group will be serving roti rolls and lassi, while also discussing the summer research workshop the program offers. Pondering over travel to Mumbai, Beijing, and Shanghai is the perfect cure to your housing woes. Be sure to make it!

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  1. YES.  

    About to get out of a seminar and was wondering what to eat for dinner...thank you, Bwog!

  2. Anonymous  

    where in kent?

  3. ^_^

    omg, that baby is cute.

  4. The Dark Mustachio  

    The paper once again gives specious promises of tomorrow with exotic women bellydancing on top of a pin! I am disgusted by this newspaper's libertarian agenda and will not rest until the worst paper on earth is shredded. spécsucks.wordpress.com

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