March Madness in April?

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Kentucky and Kansas face off in the NCAA title game tonight

Savvy sports sources tell Bwog that this March Madness thing is still going on, despite the fact that it’s April. If you’ve spent the last month stressing as much about your bracket as your CC midterm, you probably already know that tonight is the NCAA Division I National Championship Game. If you have no idea what any of those words mean, now you’ll understand why people will form close allegiances to random Plains States over the next few hours. Here are the deets:

#1 Kentucky vs. #2 Kansas – (at New Orleans, LA) 9:23 p.m on CBS

A little background: To reach the title game, Kentucky beat Louisville, 69-61, and Kansas edged out Ohio Sate, 64-62, in the Final Four. Anthony Davis and Kentucky are the favorites going into the game, but Thomas Robinson and Kansas are sure to make it an exciting match-up. So ditch the books for a few hours and tune in!

Update: After putting up a good fight, Kansas lost to Kentucky 59 to 67

Is that what a basketball looks like? via BleacherReport

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  1. Anonymous

    So much sadness.

    • Kansan  

      I know, I know. I've been closely following college hoops for about ten years now, and I've never seen a team like Kentucky this year. I think they were too much tonight for any team to handle. Oh well, Rock Chalk for next year.

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