Suite Selection 2012, Day One

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It all comes down to this. Here we are at the Housing 2012 liveblog, where Bwog will once again blog about housing in real time. We’ll be camped out in the John Jay Lounge all day, every day during suite selection, and you’ll have our full journalistic power at your disposal. Below you can find our own fancy chart for keeping count of remaining suites, as well as what’s currently displayed on the official housing whiteboard. There will be joy, drama, heartbreak, and a whole lot of candy. Best of luck to all!

Look below for our record of which suites are left. Your fate awaits!

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  1. Anonymous  

    why are the housing numbers and the bwog numbers so different?

  2. Hahah  

    "Bwoggy Soothsayer" is hilarious. Keep it up por favor

  3. Anonymous  

    Can you tell us what the last lottery number of the day was?

  4. Hahah


  5. Anonymous  

    Why does it say EC 2 person flats have 8 left, while spec says that there are only 4? Also spec says that there are 5 woodbridge high demands left while bwog says that there are 10 (7+2+1).

    • I would trust  

      the lowest numbers. Because it looks like this reporting is done based on how many students disclose their housing selections, so if one site reports lower numbers, my guess is because they heard from more students, and were able to cross out more suites. Also, Spec has this cool board where they show exactly which suites are taken, not just number that are left, and in my case it was accurate. I can tell looking at reporting on both sides that Spec isn't able to keep its board one hundred percent accurate, but kudos to them for trying.

  6. Anonymous


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