19th Annual WBAR-B-Q Lineup

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It's gonna be just like this

Barnard College Radio WBAR has just announced the lineup for WBAR-B-Q XIX, the 19th incarnation of its annual concert and outdoor barbecue. The festival boasts “an all-day, all-free concert featuring 2 stages, 9 acts, 8 hours of music, BBQ & food.” From 2 to 10 pm on Saturday April 28th, you can expect lots of free food, games, and giveaways all over the Barnard campus.

There will be two rounds of alternative gigs, one outside on the Lehman Lawn in the afternoon and one that night in the Diana Event Oval. Past players at the event have included Vampire Weekend, so this is your chance to be the ultimate trend-spotter! Headliners this year include DâM-FunK and what is apparently a VERY SPECIAL secret guest. Read Pitchfork’s coverage of last year’s event here, with the full lineup after the jump.

Outdoor Stage (Lehman Lawn); 2 to 7 pm:

Midtown Dickens

Night Birds

Archie Pelago




Indoor Stage (Diana Center Event Oval); 7 to 10 pm:

Pete Swanson

Mike Slott


Party rawking via Wikimedia

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    • Anonymous  

      dam funk buys ice cream 4 the kids, and I'm not talking about that pharrell BBC ice cream tshirt shit, i'm talking about power rangers themed popsicles. say word.

  1. yeahhh  

    this is gonna be so sick u guys

  2. Yo  

    the party in that picture looks INSANE! It's gonna be a RAGR!!!!



  4. Anonymous  

    So stoked to repeatedly fall flat on my ass during the Night Birds pit. Some bruises are totally worth it

  5. Anonymous  

    thanks bwog we <3 you! and it will be exactly like that image but with more abundant petticoats

  6. wbarbbq  

    is my real bacchanal

  7. needs more  

    Bob Crusoe

  8. What's with

    the special guest? If it was really so special they would have just told us who it was so more people would come.

    • fine be like that  

      but I am excited and I know who it is and no I will not tell you so you can be a debbie downer all you want in the corner while everyone else is having a great time

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