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nasty bugs, messing up the elections

Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

ESC representatives explained that there was a glitch in the CCSC election website that allowed students to vote for any class council, instead of limiting them to voting only on their own year’s candidates. ESC says that the bug did not affect ESC elections, and they suspect the problem has already been fixed.

VP Policy Logan Donovan said the Committee on Undergraduate Education is considering adding additional classes that can count toward non-technical electives. Under current rules, there are classes that cannot count for either a technical or non-technical elective. If changed, this rule would take effect for all classes, starting next fall. It is unclear if this change would count toward classes already taken.

ESC voted that it would split GS’ co-sponsorship contributions with the other councils, provided that sanctions are taken against General Studies Student Council. The GSSC ran out of funds, and is therefore no longer able to fund cosponsorships. GS senator Jose Robledo, who attended the ESC meeting, expressed his support for imposing sanctions against GSSC; he told ESC that he believes action should be taken against his council, as mistakes were made earlier in the year.

Printers may be coming to Carlton Arms. Scott Wright, VP of Campus Services, told the council that he is working to have a printer installed in the much-maligned dorm by the end of the semester.

Misunderstanding of technical terms via Wikimedia Commons

Update, 4/5/12: GSSC sent us a press release clarifying that they didn’t run out of money:

Press Release | General Studies Student Council | 4/5/12

There was a misinterpretation of the JCCC and ESC meetings information relayed via bwog this past Tuesday regarding our funding of [email protected] and joint co-sponsorships. The GSSC wishes to bring clarification to the matter.

To be clear, GSSC is NOT out of money. We aim to spend GS student life fees with the utmost care. GSSC has spent $4,300.00 for additional co-sponsorships this year. We set aside funds at the beginning of the year based on last year’s JCCC contributions. Our contribution to [email protected] to support student clubs and organizations this year was $95,712.87.

ESC graciously offered to increase their in-ratio co-sponsorship to cover the remaining requests for the year in co-sponsorships. Bwog paints it as the allusion that the ESC was coerced into such a decision. This is not the case.

We remain fully committed to working with the other undergraduate councils and wholeheartedly support the student life at Columbia University. We hope that by acknowledging this issue, we can open up a dialoge on how to better include GS students in events that request co-sponsorships in the future.

Please send your questions or comments about this issue to [email protected]

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  1. Anonymous  

    Bug Breeders are evil.

  2. Because comments are closed  


    occupy bwogspace

  3. Please Check Your Facts  

    Tsk Tsk, BWOG - posting before checking the facts. As a GSSC member, we have not RUN out of money. We are, however, LOW in funds and will be selective in the events we fund for the rest of the semester (which is less than a month away). The GSSC does not have a surplus like the CCSC and will choose to support the events their students actually attend. We also have less of a budget this year than in years past, and will have even less of a budget next year. The quotes are taken out of context as well - Robledo was misquoted and said IF the GSSC has spent money irresponsibly, he would support a censure. But there has been no irresponsible spending, only well-debated budget votes to support the events GS students have an interest in. BWOG neglected to follow up with anyone on the GSSC, check the facts, or even look at the budget online and as a result has brought sensationalism to the table that is grossly incorrect.

    • Anonymous  

      I believe the GS representative at the meeting gave these updates himself...

    • Sean  (Bwog Staff)  

      I'm sorry you feel that there was an error. However, GSSC Senator Jose Robledo did publicly express his support for censuring GSSC, and did express his concern that there was misspending earlier in the year. Additionally, Bwog spoke with Mr. Robledo at the meeting to confirm that we could quote him.

      At the same time, members of the co-sponsorship committee confirmed that GSSC is no longer able to co-sponsor events, due to lack of funds.

      If you believe there was an error, or have access to information that I do not have, please alert [email protected] and we'll investigate immediately. I have been the ESC reporter for the last four years, and I have done my best to make sure there are as few errors as possible. However, as multiple sources supported this information, I felt justified in including it with the article.

  4. Anonymous  

    I just talked to Robledo the other day about this article and you have certainly outdone yourself, BWOG. This is spun so hard it makes me dizzy. If you ever wonder why your poor reputation exists, this article serves as a perfect exhibit.

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