Overseen: Texters Beware

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New changes to campus today may have put some student’s lives on the line, or at least put them in the situation of this famously unfortunate woman. In preparations for either graduation or Bacchanal—or just as a more physical attempt at keeping the kids in line—the poles have come up. Be careful texting on your way to Hamilton!

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  1. The Shadow of a Rugged Antelope  

    The spec supporting censorship! I always knew the spec was in the wallet of Columbia University, but this is proof. Texting is a God-given right as stated in Job 4:67. This is obviously an attempt to crush free speech in a liberal arts college by encouraging people to stay silent on important issues. But we at the spec sucks community realize your pain and work constantly to abate the agony, and encourage you to express your hate for the spec at our blog, spec sucks.wordpress.com

  2. CC11

    SO MANY POLES ON CAMPUS!!!! It must feel like y'all are @ the University of Warsaw!

  3. Bwog a month from now

    John Jay Demolished in Graduation Scheduling Mixup, Hundreds Die

    Admins "It was clearly posted that bleachers were booked starting May 1 at http://spqr.columbia.edu/oldsite/newsite-rewrite/worlds-most-important-notice.aspx?query=john+jay/actual-newsite/index.php."

    UDDATE: Presbo email to student body: "At least I'm OK."

  4. TK  

    Texting is really dangerous! I broke my ankle when I was a freshman because I was texting while walking down the stairs. It was in Pupin around midnight, and since I couldn't walk and nobody was around I had to call CAVA. They took me to the emergency room and it was all highly embarrassing! It could have been more serious, but Lesson Learned! I don't text anymore unless I'm sitting down in a safe position.

  5. graduation.  

    so it begins.

  6. Anonymous  

    wait is this actually to deter walk-texters?

  7. anon  

    I literally ran into this while texting outside Hamilton. Appreciate the heads-up; would have been nice to have read this first, haha.

  8. how about that  

    new erections on campus that weren't made by students

  9. Anonymous  

    They're multiplying!

  10. Anonymous

    came fatally close to running into one of these today while walksting. ugh.

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