You Can’t Buy Happiness, You Can Just Get It For Free

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Technically a sundae not a cone

Perhaps inspired by SWP’s Random Acts of Kindness week, Ben & Jerry’s wants to make your day happier as well. Brave the bend in Broadway to hit the 104th street ice cream location for Free Cone Day! It’s a great and almost guilt-free way to sweeten a particularly sour housing appointment time. If you’re still hungry after that, why not go for the Vermonster?

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  1. The Masked Bear  

    Look at that. The spéc is promoting diabetes and unhealthy eating among college students! You people are stupider than a dodo bird eating another dodo bird, which makes them stupider than a dodo squared!! I think your encephalization was halted prematurely, and you are compensating for your unfulfiled Electra complex. spécsucks.wordpress.com

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