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From the producers who brought you N*ggas in Ferris comes Hogan, a mature new track about growing up and moving out. As with all albums, the follow-up lacks the certain sparkle of the debut, but does reflect the artists’ emotional growth as they peer into the dark heart of the real world/suite selection.

Full lyrics after the jump!

Editorial note: The original title of this post references the name of the last video created by the same producers, titled “N*ggas in Ferris.” We have changed the title of this post to better reflect the work of all the people involved in “Hogan.” We apologize for any offense we caused; that wasn’t our intention.

Sounds so stressful don’t you agree?
CU housing,
Check the floorplans, see you browsing,
Proof: I guess the Spectrum Shaft is back, truth.
Gotta group of 5, suite life;
Zack and Cody it up, it’s like Greek life.
I never knew that McBain would be true
To the rumored reminiscence of Carman two.

Damn Bartick and Jay, where the hell ya been?
While we’re planning our suite, you’re absent.
It’s hard being so sweet, too many options,
Rebounding offers just like we’re Dennis Rodman.
They say I’m flaky, well, I’m ’bout to be gone again,
They can’t have me cuz I’m rooming with my others friends.
Last week I was with my other other friends,
Oh shit, here comes CU housing drama, another ‘gain.

What’s all the fuss about living in Nuss?
Get a kitchen that’s bitchin’ betcha bitches discuss,
that hardwood flo’, say no mo’.
JLC got flow fo sho,
So do the D.A.N.C.E.,
We party like we in E.C.,
Er’body DANCE, On the Floor, that’s vinyl;
All Night Long, do it like Lionel.

Jesus is my homie, cuz Harmony’s where I dwell,
Droppin’ Beats like Kerouac in Hartley with an L.
Livin’ in frats, I guess the girls are worth it,
Pure Premium’s on par like rap if you reverse it.
I got a single, you’re a single lady,
That means I’m Broadway, Hogan, River, Wien, or Furnald, baby.
Kingdom with no roomie, that’s bougie like bourgeois,
And you can be my queen tonight, if you wannaaaaaaa.

Rockin’ in a double,
Smokin’ fat doobies out the window causin’ trouble.
That breezy draft, McBeezy shaft,
Yo housing staff, this the Weezy laugh!
I ride in blue bins, past the move-ins,
It’s how we use them, it’s cuz we groovin’,
We on the rooftops, we in the tunnels,
Can’t you see we get in Hogan up under you?

Can’t you see we on the roof, chillin’ over you,
Holdin’ fast to the spirit of eternal youth?
E.C. chillin’, Hogan chillin’,
Watt ain’t just okay, shit’s illin’!
Shout out, to my homies in John Jay,
And Wien Seven cuz we’re rockin’ all day,
I look back to the Penthouse Party in McBain,
And hope that this year stays as insane!

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  1. Anonymous

    No to all of that.

    That was just awful. On all the levels.

  2. STOP

    Posting the n-word whether with an asterisk or not on Bwog! Why do you think this is okay at all? Additionally, this song is poor.

  3. This  

    is still unacceptable, Bwog. Pretty sure you wouldn't post K*kes or Ch*nks leave Ferris. This song = atrocious. Please stop being the medium for all of this nonsense and get back to good Bwogging.

    • To clarify  

      The poorly-chosen title of this post is not at all reflective of the video, which does not use the N-word anywhere. The title is purely a reflection on Bwog itself.

  4. Shay  

    Why would one name a song, with an Otis beat, N*ggas in Paris?

  5. well  

    i like it... even if the title of the bwog post brought back some controversy.

    but rappin and being silly about stuff on campus? this is the kind of stuff that makes me proud to go here.


  6. Alum

    There was no need to keep the N word in this title. Way to ruin what could have been a great, funny video by blatant racial insensitivity.

    Not to mention these boys are terrible rappers...

  7. Anonymous  

    Ugh I'm ready to graduate. I am so done with this school!! and this song and housing both SUCK!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    this is a school that supposedly prides itself on having 50% of its undergrads be students of color. this is just beyond ridiculous.

  9. Anonymous

    If you're gonna post the word NIGGER, don't be such a fucking pussy about it. This isn't Harry potter - cut the "He Who Must Not Be Named" bullshit. Adding an asterisk to the word doesn't make it any less racist.

  10. CC'13  

    CUE WHITE FOLKS NOT GETTIN IT (but being too scared to post that)

  11. The song title  

    I'm in CSER and even I think the controversy over the title of this post is overblown. The song is titled, "N*ggas in Paris," so there's nothing wrong with titling the parody "N*ggas in Ferris." In this context, it simply isn't a racial slur. Do you think Jay-Z and Kanye titled the song "N*ggas in Paris" with the expectation that the mainstream (white) media wouldn't publish the title? Maybe Jay-Z is inappropriately appropriating the slur to be used as a provocative brand in order to sell his music. But criticizing the media for repeating the title of the song, or others for using similar titles in parodies, misses the point.

  12. Anonymous

    As if walking into every class that isn't AfAm or Ethnic Studies knowing that you will not be represented in the texts, and that you will be the not only one of very few students of color isn't enough. As if racist comments on an article about much-needed racial diversity isn't enough. As if the first video wasn't enough, when people were mad, people were hurt, and the concerns of people of color WERE IGNORED. Now we must open bwog and see a word so seeped in hate (and don't you dare talk about black people reclaiming the word. It is ours to reclaim or to not reclaim. not yours.) used fucking casually by mostly privileged white people. Examine your IGNORING of the concerns of people of color on this campus, and realize that this is racism.

    • Anonymous  

      You're the reason we havn't been to Mars yet.

    • Anonymous  

      I feel you, but you have to understand that your frustration is because you define yourself by your race to such a degree that it begins to become divisive and makes your classroom experience negative. You see what I mean? You wrote that "you will not be represented in the texts," meaning that Black history will be a small portion. But I would never define somebody or myself by race or ethnicity to the point where I begin to ignore other identity markers. I'm sure a lot of the readings fell in line with your philosophical and political beliefs, so actually, "you" were represented, just not in the way that you would have liked to be. But it's not as if you weren't represented at all.

      Also, this is about intentions. I seriously doubt that these students or BWOG have the intention of offending the Black community - what would they get out of that? Normally, I would be against any written or spoken form of the N-word (unless one's relationship with a Black student "permits" it), but this is an exception only because they are clearly just appropriating the title of a pop-culture song.

      • Alexis m

        Putting aside the first offensive video ( and your ridiculous idea that YOU can tell me how to identify), What makes you think the students On bwog don't want to be racist?! Every experience tells me otherwise.

      • Alexis m

        And no relationship with a black student permits it unless you are one.

      • CC'13  

        right, because the problem is that identifying with your race is "divisive" to the point where you ruin your own experience, not that the university doesn't make enough of an effort to include voices of color. of course.

        race and gender are not lenses through which human experiences are viewed, they can't be eschewed in favor of universality...because that universality isn't real, unless it's reached through exploring the texts of a literally diverse array of authors. i've heard this argument before, that the greeks are somehow "universal" but invisible man would just be too hard to relate to. bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

        • Anon  

          Universalism may be somewhat utopic, but it certainly doesn't mean that we should resort to looking through our lenses of gender and race. All of these fucking identities are so ARBITRARY. You can be latino, fall in love with East Asian thought, become and East Asian Studies major and get another viewpoint. Just as anyone can get viewpoints in economics, anthropology or whatever. It only takes the fucking WILL, but it's just soooo much easier to always rely on one's own "identitary" experiences.

          • CC'13  

            no, no, no, NO gender and race are not LENSES they are part of who people ARE. that is such a persistant and ugly train of thought that i see everywhere at this school and no one seems to properly address. there's this bullshit idea that race and gender are "lenses" or "viewpoints" that cloud and obscure some kind of true, purely human experience, that they are complicating factors that we all need to look past to be one. and i'm sorry, but that's bullshit. that kind of unity is not going to happen until those viewpoints are fully integrated into our view of the "human" experience, not just these sub-headers in literature and philosophy and political thought.

            also, if you must know, i'm a hispanic woman who focuses on south asia. i'm not saying that we all should be confronted with only our own experiences, but that students of color should not have to sift through the core looking for a part of themselves they're being told is there.

          • anon  

            "that is such a persistant and ugly train of thought that i see everywhere at this school and no one seems to properly address. there’s this bullshit idea that race and gender are “lenses” or “viewpoints” that cloud and obscure some kind of true, purely human experience"

            Well, who are you to state that this is true? If you've ever read anything on philosophy, or experienced good art, you should know what that "purely human experience" means. You are nothing but the fruit of the ridiculous emphasis on identities that plagues America.

          • CC'13  

            no, what i am saying is that those identities are PART of that true, human experience, and that is what is missing from the core.

        • ...  

          I allow my IDENTITY to ruin MY experience? frankly, everything you said is steeped in oblivion and blind privilege. and it is passed annoying. i would hate to be as deluded as you are about black people's experiences in this country and more close to home, on this campus.

          it was white people who defined blackness. it was white people who made black people second class citizens/slaves. it was white people who "granted" blacks civil rights only to then flee the inner cities to avoid having to actually associate. it was white people who built ghettos. it was white people who relegate blacks to working as musicians/cooks/entertainers in places they were not allowed to frequent otherwise. it was white people who wrote master/slave philosophy and thought it should hold. it was white people who wrote the cave analogy and thought it was okay. it was white people who came to africa and south america and wrote their own laws then forced people to follow them. it was white people. it was white people.

          it was people of color who had to remind the all-too-forgetful white people that they, too, are human. understand, people of color did not create this particular identity. white people did in order to support their supremacy.

          as people of color assert themselves into the dialogue, you reply: find yourself in the rhetoric of white people. in the same rhetoric white people used to deny you humanity, find yourself. GTFOH times a billion.

          columbia students, i am convinced, do not read very widely. diversify your reading. gollllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          • CC'13  

            i hope you didn't mean this as a reply to me! i was trying to be sarcastic. the idea that someone's identity is responsible for "ruining" their experience is both ignorant and offensive, that's what i was trying to say.

          • Anonymous  

            white people did it, and i'm white, so it's like i'm literally just whipping black people on south lawn

            i mean, except that my great or great-great-grandparents came over from ireland and poland with nothing barely a century ago, worked shitty unsafe jobs in ethnically homogeneous impoverished neighborhoods of New York and Chicago, and dealt with discrimination and lack of opportunity that prevented anyone in my family tree from getting out of the working class until maybe a generation ago

            (and never mind that people from the Middle East and many other not-England-regions are considered "white" and you're lumping them in with "18th century slave-owning land-owning WASPS" even if they are literally a second-generation immigrant and are heavily discriminated against every day by things like, oh I don't know, being spied upon and tracked by the NYPD for living on the east coast)

            "well yeah but you still have White Privilege(TM) and so like, that's why you're literally hitler"

            why yes, good sir, i guess you CAN oversimplify the way every single human interaction in my life goes... if you reduce a person's identity to a single visible characteristic of theirs such as race, and act as if inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement

            certainly that is not "the definition of racism" or anything

          • CC'13  

            yo dude, no amount of hyperbole is gonna make reverse racism real, so you just need to cool your jets. sorry that being asked to step back and examine the privilege that you yourself benefit from is so hard, but don't worry, it doesn't make you hitler. just pull your head out of your ass and breath.

            also, big ups to your ancestors perseverance and success. newsflash: no one gets the monopoly on suffering.

          • pretty sure  

            i was replying to the post that said white people are responsible for all the suffering in the world, and i was pointing out how that's just as ridiculous as the racism I was being told my ancestors participated in from their farm in Ireland

            i didn't say it was reverse racism either. i said it's regular racism... because it was carrying out the dictionary definition of the word racism.

            not meant to cause any negativity. i just get a little annoyed by the umpteenth "you are white and therefore by virtue of your race, regardless of your ethnicity, you are responsible for slavery and jim crow laws" shtick

          • Anonymous  

            "because it was carrying out the dictionary definition of the word racism."

            The "dictionary definition" which was written by white people.

            Now, I know you must be thinking, guys: OMG, is nothing sacred?! Must everything be racist to you people?!

            But yes, structural bias against minorities is that pervasive. No, you don't experience it so you think I am exaggerating and that it isn't real.

            But that's the world I live in as a person of color. Yes, I am always on the defensive. And it is not because I purposefully and voluntarily let my identity define who I am, but because I live in a world that is structured to benefit white people. So when I turn on the TV, when I look to the makeup of Congress, I will obviously be aware of the fact that no one looks like me. White people have the privilege of living in a world that caters to their interests, that mostly represents them. They have the privilege of not having to define themselves largely by their race because they operate in a world in which they are visible and powerful in both media and government.

            So no, it's not the “you are white and therefore by virtue of your race, regardless of your ethnicity, you are responsible for slavery and jim crow laws” shtick, it's the "you are white and therefore by virtue of your race, you benefit from a system that is structured to benefit you and oppress people of color and you should realize that and question it to keep yourself from perpetuating it" shtick.

      • cu negro 2  

        i am struggling because not everything desires scale-10 reactions. not every slight racial infraction warrants mass reaction. cool, we agree on that.

        the problem is that it is the little, independent things that create a collective. it is a series of seemingly unrelated incidents that allow for large-scale, systematic racism.

        stuff like this really gets me down because it shows how infrequently people connect their behavior to larger issues. we constructed and reinforce social ills with out little thoughts, with our little racial stereotypes, with our little beliefs we built massive oppressive systems.

        one-dimensional thinking BLOWS me. i have been struggling not to call people stupid, so ill refrain. but i wish more people would think about how their little brains/thoughts/beliefs/attitudes contribute to the whole.

  13. Anonymous  

    Just a terrible song on a terrible news source. N*iggas Leave Ferris? Really?

  14. Anonymous  

    wait.... but who thought this was okay? not that i believe it's ever really acceptable to use the n-word, but none of the people in this video are even black. it's actually ridiculous how privileged cu kids are and what they think they can get away with. THE TERM IS OFFENSIVE. period. end of story. not to be used lightly in your story about getting housing! so many other respectful, clever, funny titles could've been made.

  15. Anonymous  

    the song is called Hogan

  16. Anonymous  

    Please preach.

  17. Anonymous  

    Bwog, find some other name for this post, please. The title is inappropriate and has nothing to do with the song, so even if you could post the term under the guise of it being related to the Kanye, Jay-Z track before (which I don't condone either), you clearly cannot do that now. You are taking that mile from an inch (if you could call it that) and offending people. Please stop doing so now.

  18. BWOG is Juvenile  

    what else is new.

  19. Anonymous  

    ohhhh god. this is so very embarrassing. listen up white boys, if you think you can rap, bury your dreams deep inside and don't ever, ever make a music video.

  20. Anonymous  

    How is someone supposed to reference the song if you can't say the name..?

  21. Fact

    If you are offended by the title. Stop reading Bwog or go to their meetings, get involved and change the culture/racial awareness of the organization. Otherwise stop complaining. Bwog has the autonomy to post what it wants (within reason).

  22. On The Other Hand

    Discussion of the appropriation of a word with a hateful past are inevitably going to lead to misunderstanding. The simple fact is that once we leave the realm of theory and enter the world of individuals exposed to a massively produced culture, any claims for ownership over an idea as basic as a word will ring false. It is undeniable that slurs have been re-appropriated by the communities they once denigrated in a number of instances, but it is simply unrealistic to expect that this usage remain "within the community." This is particularly true in the case of the 'n-word.' Until the rise of pop icons (I am not trying to give a qualitative rating of their music, but simply of their stature in popular culture) like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, hip-hop and the hip-hop sound had become the driving force of popular music. When an album like Get Rich or Die Tryin' sells 12 million records worldwide, and upwards of 8 million in the U.S. alone, the things that are being said on these kind of records are getting a rather wide audience. To think that people besides those who identify as black would continue to censor themselves, when the word was clearly being used in a non-hateful way and was being repeated in music and the wider media sphere, is, again, unrealistic. What's more, it's a little silly to expect that of a group. Obviously, the word can, and is, still used in a hateful manner and for some people the mere utterance (written or spoken) is enough to offend. This, obviously, ought to be taken into account when one is about to use the word. However, the word has made its way into the common parlance and as such will be uttered in manners which are not intended to be hateful and, as in this case, in an attempt to make parodies.

    Furthermore, the origins of this word's reintroduction into the public sphere as one that is not necessarily hateful in intent indicates that there is a wide diversity of opinion even among those who might identify as people of color. Therefore, it seems more honest to the individuals who make up these groups to say "I have been offended by this usage for such and such a reason" rather than attempt to speak for a so-called community of people of color who, apparently, share the same view on this issue. As a person who would easily be classified in such a community, I must say that I do not share the same views and do not find the clearly parodic title offensive. When approaching issues like these, then, it seems better that we either speak for ourselves or only those who have anointed us to do so, but never something so vast and wide-ranging as the "Black Community."

  23. RNS  

    Bwog, just change the damn title. stop being so hypocritical with your half-baked, ex post facto entries. Let's not forget the "let's revise the comment policy" post. Bwog, your failure to give issues proper coverage IS the catalyst for hateful and racist statements, not just on this online forum but on campus at large. You encourage students to embrace vitriol with sparse descriptions and nonexistent logic. Just own up to your mistakes and fix the damn title. I see no reason why you should feel comfortable posting n-word in a title, when I'm certain you would never use it in person in front of me or any student of color.

  24. Anonymous  

    thanks for the title-change bwog. i just hope the people who wrote it get WHY that was f-ed up.

    doubt it. but here's hoping.

  25. Anonymous  

    To reiterate, Bwog chose the title. Not the people in it. The song is called Hogan.

  26. Anonymous  

    title controversy aside, this song sucks. sorry.

  27. word  

    Seriously do' Jasper's word play is money it makes me so proud

  28. i think  

    it was really well done and fun to watch -- isnt that the point anyways? it's just for fun!

  29. sick lines  

    "Jesus is my homie, cuz Harmony’s where I dwell,
    Droppin’ Beats like Kerouac in Hartley with an L."

  30. Anon

    What is problematic is not necessarily the title itself, but the careless ignorance of those who posted it. This lesson is not about being politically correct it's about being aware.

    The title changed is one step, but let's keep on moving.

  31. wait  

    BWOG FUCK YOU. bwog is representative of all the ignorant, racist, sexist white Columbia students students out there. Please stop, this is unacceptable

  32. That song

    really sucked, what a load of egotistical crap.

  33. CU Negro '13  

    Oh lawd, angry black people.... What else is new? Earth to my fellow negros: Petty displays of self-righteous indignation towards a school blog will do nothing to ameliorate race issues in America. If you cared that much you wouldn't be on your ass typing out Bwog comments like I am.

    Anyway.... a toneless, rhythmless wigger masterpiece. Bravo!

    • CU Negro '13  

      And I can say because I'm black.... Which, I'm sure, is precisely the reason I could use the term "Nigga" on a daily basis and not hear any complaints about it. The only real mistake the Bwog staff made here is not being utterly cognizant of how easily their original title would create problems at a school where students are eager for any opportunity to be offended and indignantly protest something. A mild disappointment, sure, but nothing to spend the night fuming over.

  34. Clearly  

    there is not a single black person working for Bwog because 9 times out of 10 they would have shut this shit down before it got legs. Apologies if I'm wrong.

  35. clearly  

    friends with the guys in the video

    • ugh reply fail  

      whoops, that was supposed to be in response to the "i like it… even if the title of the bwog post brought back some controversy.
      but rappin and being silly about stuff on campus? this is the kind of stuff that makes me proud to go here.
      :)" post

  36. Czar Kass T. Collazo

    This song was not my favorite ever----at least it's not in my Top 40[,000]. I say this because I can make an equally artistic song by reciting the names found in the periodic table of elements (while adding in the atomic numbers as a chorus).

    As for the previous title of this article: I can say it was most certainly unnecessary. That's ALL there is to it. If the original song were called "New guys in Ferris" would you have called this article "New guys leave Ferris"?

    • alright, breh  

      "This song was not my favorite ever—-at least it’s not in my Top 40[,000]. I say this because I can make an equally artistic song by reciting the names found in the periodic table of elements (while adding in the atomic numbers as a chorus). "

      Do it. C'mon. Record it, mix it, produce it, hype it, release it, and let me get down to it. Stick to ya guns. No puns, no metaphors, no complex rhyme schemes- nothing but a pure recitation of the periodic table in a legitimate hip-hop tradition. lezz go

  37. -___-  

    Ok cool. I'm glad yal changed the title and all, but I'm sure yal only did it under pressure (well obviously...). This shit is not ok. Yal are starting to smell yal selves and getting real bold out here.

    I advise all the white people who are running this website, who secretly say "nigga" to each other in the privacy of their rooms or when they are listening to their rap songs, to not get too comfortable. Shit can get real

    • Anonymous

      The top three people responsible for this post:

      Victoria Wills
      Brian Wagner
      Ella Quittner

      Anyone have any inside information about what they do in their rooms? Or what they look like?

  38. on another note  


  39. Brother Mouzone  

    you know what the most dangerous thing in america is, right?

    nigga with a library card.

  40. So....  

    I actually thought this song was pretty funny! People need to chill. Midterm season is over.

  41. CC '12er  

    Much like so many other occurrences this year (Obama fallout, Herman Cain, etc), this was rather embarrassing. So, oddly appropriate, I guess?

    Also, I agree with the second comment: no more variations of the n-word, please. There really is no such thing as a "pass," not even for you, Bwog.

  42. ok, ok

    The clear re-appropriation of the term at hand by White folks demonstrates their clear ascension into the era of post-racialism. Black folks, be not wary: they only mean it in the nicest of ways. The n-word has transcended the racist (sub)conscious and now defines a clear solidarity with the struggle of Black folks. Think of it as a term of endearment.

    So stop it with this pettiness: White folks are not (for they clearly cannot be) racists. The divisiveness that you propose by calling out this underhanded racism only further impedes the full transition into color-blindness. After all, we're all equal: 50% admissions rate for POCs and a plan to invest in a more diverse faculty at CU. Rejoice, instead -- they are finally treating you all as real human beings and inviting you all to join them. If anything, one should just be thankful for being allowed to sit at their table.

  43. yo  

    nobody's saying your ancestors personally did bad shit, but whiteness makes your life a lot easier right now, and has for a while. jesus, not a hard thing to admit.

  44. Anonymous  

    Max (the other guy that's not Jasper) is cuuute! Jasper's cute too but Max is so adorable!

    -CC13 black girl (everyone seems to be defining themselves racially before/after posting their comment)

  45. Anonymous  

    Some person wrote that whites defined blackness. What is that even supposed to mean? There was no whiteness or blackness until the two peoples met each other. They each define each other by not being the other (similarly, how can you believe that a movie is a masterpiece without seeing one that is horrendous?).

    Also, this is not about all white people, so people need to stop using this all-encompassing term. If you're referring to American slavery of Blacks, that's one thing, but don't bring working-class Europeans (I would estimate as the heritage of a good of Columbia students) of the 18th and 19th century into this. The whole black vs. white thing - it's an issue in solely America due to the race-based nature that defined slavery in this country. But for most of the world's history, slavery was (a) commonplace and (b) race-blind (just ask the Slavs, who were enslaved by their fellow Caucasians for centuries) - people enslaved whoever they could get their hands on. So stop yelling at all of us!

  46. Anonymous  

    Jasper is da best!

  47. Anonymous  

    I honestly thought this video was hilarious, and yes the boys are soo cute....!!!! Hottieess

  48. Anon  

    If you suffer so much when attending a class with greek texts (which btw were _not_ stolen form "black egyptians"), why don't you just fucking attend Howard? Maybe there you will feel identified in the texts that you read, and be happy seeing that everyone looks like you.

    People don't come to Columbia for this. There is this recent tendency in America and academia where students find it useful to study basically themselves (gender studies, ethnic studies of all sorts) but the purpose of a place like Columbia is to teach about the universal, "core" values in our humanity. Is this a particular viewpoint? Yes. You do not have to agree with it. You can go to so many different schools where you would be able to hang out solely with a designated kind of people, or study only a single subject. But you chose to come here!

    As an International Student who certainly didn't come here to see my folks or study about my (very distant) country, I feel really sorry for all of this anger. I also feel pissed when I realize how, in any race debate, there is only the Black X White divide. As if, like everyone, whites didn't come from a very diverse array of experiences (WASPs, european-americans, recent immigrants, etc), jews, ALL THE ASIANS.

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