Suite Selection 2012, Day Three

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Hey Juniors! (And mixed groups.) You’ve spent the past two days watching the seniors snatch up all the good housing, and now it’s your turn to have a go. Don’t forget, this year is different—if that Ruggles suite is gone by your appointment time, you can still give Junior Regroup a go before dropping to General Selection. As always, Bwog will be hanging out in the John Jay Lounge all day and keeping you up to date on everyone’s choices. So come forth, sub-30-point groups. We’ve been waiting. And we have stickers.

Click here to view the spreadsheet with the count of remaining suites!

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  1. Anonymous

    The spreadsheet on dorms remaining is not appearing in its entirety on blog.

  2. Anonymous  

    Your nicknames from the dorms and funny comments are making this process much less painful. keep it up, bwog

  3. Pope  

    To whomever was live Bwogging from 3:25 to 3:35 PM: You're a winner.

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