It’s the Final Countdown, 2012

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Some say 40 is the beginning of the end, but for CU seniors, it is only the beginning. Here begin the last 40 days ’til graduation, ceremoniously¬†inaugurated¬†last night on Low:

keeping it classy

Ladies and gentlemen, your Class of 2012

Cue Bwog’s preliminary college bucket list, a guide to some the things some of us want to do before we put on our growing-up hat. But let this be mere fodder for your minds—we want to know what you still have to knock off your list: the insane, the inane and the downright dangerous. The comment section is yours, CU ’12. Take it away.



  • Eat Koronet for a whole week
  • Give out free food to a bunch of people on college walk for no particular cause
  • Start an ice cream truck
  • Eat a Spicy Special
  • Go to HamDel, not drunk
  • Live off of free food indefinitely


  • 40s on 40
  • Drink seven nights in a row
  • Get drunk before a midterm
  • Get drunk before a final
  • Get drunk in the stacks
  • Throw a naked party that attempts to “deconstruct sexuality”
  • Get written up for a rager, feel like a boss


  • Protest something
  • Theoretically solve the world’s problems in a mid-level political science course
  • Moralize
  • Become friends with a TA/Professor
  • Use Lit Hum knowledge at a cocktail party, thus fulfilling its original purpose

Enjoy Campus

  • Stroll the roof of Butler
  • Climb into one of the gigantic chalices on Low
  • Tunnel
  • Have sex in the stacks
  • Lead an Impromptu Sing-a-long in Ref Room
  • Play sardines in Butler
  • Plant flowers that disrupt the color scheme of CU gardeners
  • Reclaim the roof of Mudd
  • Make it through four years without stepping foot at Baker

Venture Downtown

  • Hit all five boroughs
  • Go for a run in Central Park
  • Watch the sunrise from Staten Island


  • See PrezBo
  • Hear PrezBo’s voice
  • Touch the hem of PrezBo’s suit
  • Secure a lock of PrezBo’s hair

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  1. ummm  

    why do you keep referencing CC'12. SEAS, BC, and GS were there too. Commencement is the same for everyone....

  2. Anonymous

    1) it wasn't just CC. It was all four schools
    2) it was technically 42 days till university commencement, 40 days till Barnard and SEAS class day

  3. SBF seeking ANYONE  

    to hook up with me in the Stacks. Takers!?!?

  4. Anonymous  

    Forties on for-ty/ Oh, who did I see?/ 'Twas Aki Tera-sa-ki

  5. Whole section on Prezbo


    Also: TWEN-NNY-TWELVE!!!!

  6. PrezBo  

    Won't have any hair if we all go for a lock of it.

  7. get drunk in the stacks  

    checked that off my bucket list freshman year

  8. Anonymous

    brightened the picture?

  9. Anonymous

    Congratulations seniors! Enjoy the next 40 days! You will look on these days as the best times of your life.

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