Random & Kind Cupcakes

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To those who stood by through all your bad hairdos

In continuation of Random Acts of Kindness Week, cuppycakes will be distributed by Student Affairs on the Lerner ramps from 11-3 this afternoon.  Meanwhile, also on the ramps, take some time to write your friends a thank you note for putting up with your incessant complaining about how you missed Community but now you miss Parks & Rec.  No word yet on what type of cupcakes they will be; go forth and discover!

The best friends a Wookiee can have via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Where are the cupcakes, yo?!?

  2. Anonymous  

    Carrot Cupcakes and.... WALMART COOKIES! (the best cookies ever!)

  3. Nomnomnom  

    The carrot cupcakes are HUGE (and tasty). So big...can't finish...

  4. SWP member  

    Thanks to all who came! There are still cookies left! SO GO GO GO and don't forget to write a thank you card :)

  5. in awe  

    incredible amount of sweets! never in my four years at columbia have i seen a study break that lastest beyond 30 min...good job student affairs office!

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