Search Party For The Dean Gets One Bigger

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Newly elected CCSC President Karishma Habbu is the newest member of PrezBo’s committee to find a new Dean of Columbia College.

Following PrezBo’s announcement of the committee last week, students Kenny Durrell, Barry Weinberg, Alex Frouman, and Aki Terasaki wrote a Spec editorial urging KevSho to add an elected student representative to the team.

“While we do not question the qualifications, ability, or dedication of J.T. Ramseur and Mary Kircher, the students on the committee, we do not feel they are sufficiently representative of our full student body. Nor do we blame them. They are graciously performing a duty to their college, and their acceptance of the position only reinforces our perception of their commitment to the school.

Instead, we find fault with Dean of Student Affairs Kevin Shollenberger for making his choice of students without due consideration to the need for proper representation. Dean Shollenberger should not have included only students from the URC. Positions on the URC are appointed by administrators rather than elected by students, and these students are accountable primarily to administrators rather than their peers.”

Apparently, KevSho listened. As per PrezBo’s original email, the committee will be accepting nominations at [email protected] through April 15. According to KevSho, PrezBo would would like to make the decision by the end of the semester.

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  1. Anonymous  

    How has someone been selected if people can still nominate (deadline being 4/15)?

    • Ella  (Bwog Staff)

      To clarify, the student was selected to become a member of the committee, which is still accepting nominations through April 15 for the dean position.

  2. New Gingrich

    how about putting a student as Dean? such a person could

    -relate more to students+communicate with student council better
    -be more visible around campus
    -work for cheap (since they get the benefit of a huge resume-boost)
    -could help columbia make national/global news...

    I mean...it would be intriguin to say the least. i'm sure there are mature and capable people around. I'm an ideas bro so im just throwin this out there. problem would be going to class n stuff, bu then again this dean would be inside classrooms looking at the dynamics and evaluating things with an insider's perspective. it could count as field work as well as course credit.

    anybody with me at all? FINE.

  3. interesting.

    I was of the impression that we have a dean...

  4. Anonymous

    Impotent student body "leaders" attempting to justify their existence. That's funny.

  5. Mark Lilla  

    m-lil for dean!

    Although I do like deantini. I got free pizza from him. And I hadn't eaten ALL DAY.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous  


  8. Anonymous  

    Why not keep Deantini? Is that not even an option?

  9. Anonymous  

    This will never, ever, ever happen

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