Bwoglines: Celebration Edition

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Uh, where's the PBR at, bro?

As much as we thought eating chocolate eggs and wearing fun pastel dresses showcased our religious devotion on Easter, it turns out we’re all just a bunch of pagans. (Daily Kos)

In case you questioned whether or not you’re literate, you are. Woot. (The Atlantic)

Those hipsters in Brooklyn might be on to something. The rise of craft beer is edging out its more mainstream competitors. Go ahead and celebrate, but not with a Bud Light, please. (The Dish)

While you were spending hours “Drawing Something” on your iPhone during last night’s Passover seder, your Mac might have been getting a serious virus. (NYT)

Occupy Wall Street was fun and all, but maybe some of our outrage was misplaced. We still get to say we protested something though, right? (TNR)

Kids’ Table via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. IJHS (AIFSG!)

    Last night was amazing. I don't care what those prude, stuck-up Columbia girls say - I am incredibly thankful for Barnard college and all those lovely ladies across the street. I love college.

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