Getting To Know The Varsity Squad

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Whether our review of West End Preview left you with some unanswered questions, or you’re just looking for tips from the pros about how to turn your shower singing routine up a notch, now’s your chance to directly engage with the people who will bring the 118th Annual Varsity Show to life. Bwog will be conducting interviews with members of the cast in preparation for the April 27th opening night. We know what you’re thinking. “Oh. man. This is going to be just another Bworing interview with Bwottles of Perrier, Charlie Rose wannabes, and Heidegger’s famous existential cheese/oral sex inquiry.” How can that be if you get to ask the questions? That’s right—tweet your questions for the cast to @Bwog and we’ll steal them/pretend they’re our own include them in our interview. That is, if they are worth asking.

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  1. Anonymous  

    what about the people who are directing it, writing it, etc?

    • IMO  

      these are the people who REALLY bring the show to life. the actors/actresses are brilliant, but really they are just presenting the work of the underlying team. Vshow is a group effort and the show's success cannot occur without either.

  2. Anonymous

    isn't spec basically doing this already?

  3. Anonymous  

    just wait to read the program!!!!! love you michael and eliiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. Anonymous  

    Spec just published an interview with one of the writers, and has an older producer interview as well.

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