Overheard: And You Thought Your Pet Was Spoiled

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Badly in need of therapy

Two undercover spies posing as students conduct a cryptic conversation in front of Butler:

Guy: So, how’s the pigeon?
Girl: Good, he starts physical therapy in a few days…

We hope your “pigeon” achieves full recovery, Girl.

Slightly twisted Columbidae via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous

    So... slow news day?

  2. Anonymous

    I thought I didn't like it when these were clearly fabricated. Now I understand, boring hypothetical banter > even more boring real banter.

    There isn't even a core reference in any of the tags. You make me sad Bwog.

  3. Anonymous

    this is terrible :(

  4. Anonymous  

    bwog, this picture of a pidgeon that you've chosen is severely grossing me out. it is depressing and vomit-inducing every time i scroll down the home page. change it please?

  5. The last thing we need  

    are more ppl undercover posing as students.

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