Bwoglines: Things in Novel Places Edition

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A desert in Alaska!

Heroin in a five-year-old’s pockets. (NY Daily News)

A Big Mac in a diabetic ward. (USA Today)

Fuel in North Korean rockets. (Reuters)

A bullet in store-bought cleats. (HuffPo)

transgender competitor in Miss Universe. (Daily Mail)

Ikea in a London city planning initiative. (HuffPo)

NYU in Greenwich Village. (NY1)

Unlikely places to dune-buggy via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Actually not a pedantic correction:  

    There's no '-ed' in 'transgender': my identity is not a passive state or something I undergo. Please fix if possible.

  2. PC police

    It is "transgender" individual not "transgendered."

    For example, an object can be "gendered" but a human is just an individual with a "gender."
    Sortof like...oriental =/= asian.

    It may seem inconsequential to some people, but it is a big deal to others. It's nice to just get it right and avoid problems.

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