Suite Selection, The Aftermath

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Our LiveBwogging may be over ’til next year, but we’re not quite ready to let 2012 Suite Selection go. After a short and ill-defined consolation period, we accosted the absolute last two people to choose a suite for the 2012-2013 school year to find out more about their time spent in The Cage. Here’s what freshmen Greg and Andrew (who requested that we henceforth refer to him as “Icy”) had to say about their digs. 

Bwog: Congratulations on your double! How do you feel, now that it’s all over? Traumatized? Relieved?

Greg: Thank you. Despite having the worst pick in the school, we were confident that we would end up with a room at Columbia and that’s all that we cared about. It wasn’t really a big deal for any of us. We probably as a group cared the least out of anyone.

Icy: We definitely feel relieved to have gotten a room. Obviously we would have liked to have gotten a better number, but we got a good room for our number.

B: Do you have any inspirational words for next year’s last group?

G: Be optimistic.

I: You can only go up from there, so next year has to be better.

B: How do you plan to decorate? 

G: Yeah, Andrew Celsus was actually a model so he hangs up a bunch of his modeling pictures around the room. It creates quite an atmosphere.

I: We’ve got a TV, xbox, and futon that we need to squeeze into our room—we’ll put the beds, desks, and closets in the remaining space.

B: How many square feet did you end up with? Do you plan on hosting guests?

I: We got 200 sq. ft. which is a little smaller than we had this year. I think we will be hosting guests.

B: Do you believe in fate?

I: Half of our suite was on probation—so yes, I believe in fate.

G: Do you believe in magic?

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  1. Anonymous  

    "Half of our suite was on probation" ...wow

  2. Fiery  

    Someone sounds a little hurt with those tags! Did Bwog just get a taste of its own snarky medicine?

  3. This is the  

    potential break up song

  4. Anonymous  

    what was their number and which building? kinda confused without that info.

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