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The ultimate scavenger

The CAs have planned CU Search—advertised to be “the most epic photo scavenger hunt of all time,” for all CC and SEAS students.  Similar to Assassins—but with less time spent hiding in your target’s closet—you form a team of 3+ people and complete as many clues as possible, recording it all photographically.

Plus there are prizes!  First place gets $500, second $300, and third $100, while various $100 prizes will be awarded for bitchin’ pictures.  If you haven’t signed up already, there will be last minute registration today from 5-7 pm in the John Jay Lounge with free food, where there will also be an opening event and teams will be given the clues.  Pictures are due by 11:59 pm April 22nd and the closing event will be on April 29, again with free food.

Mowgli’s temporary BFFs via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. PPC  

    Pizza Party Crew bout to win this yeaaaah!

  2. Anonymous  

    because we're so much cooler than the EPPC!

  3. CAs  

    Hi! Unfortunately no free food but FREE GLOW STICKS AND SHUTTER SHADES for groups that sign up

  4. CAs  

    It isn't too late to register! Also teams of 2 or more are welcome!

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