Overheard: An Age-Old Adage

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Age is just a number.

Though it’s embarrassing to admit it any time after NSOP, we all miss Sex and the City from time to time. A lucky tipster got to relive a little bit of it in Ferris yesterday when he unwittingly sat next to two Samanthas:

Girl 1: Ew, he’s like 28!

Girl 2: No, he’s 26.

Girl 1: So? He’s still really old.

Girl 2: 28 is creepy, 26 is endearing.


Lady in blue via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Anonymous

    I definitely had a couple 28+ year old language profs I wouldn't mind shagging ;)

  2. Cougar aficionado  

    If she was Samantha... he would be 17.

  3. Ya'll are a bunch of  


  4. Anonymous

    There ain't nothing wrong w an older man ;)

  5. ui  

    bitches will be bitches....

  6. Anonymous

    what about 32...

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