Overseen @ Bacchanal

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As the day goes on and Columbia’s collective BAC rises, we’re going to drop all incoming pictures and tips into this post. Send your best to [email protected].

Update, 4/15: We have taken down the chest photo upon request from the owner.

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  1. Anonymous  

    awesome, boobz on the stepz

  2. YAY!  

    Boobies! Honk, honk!

  3. Anonymous

    whose tits are those?!

  4. Jh

    I wanna play with those tits....

  5. Anonymous  

    Quite so, those mammaries are pleasing to the eye.

  6. anon  

    I always said bwog needed more tits...

  7. Wondering  

    Why can't all the Bwog comments sections be this positive?

  8. yay

    Everyone at Columbia is sexually frustrated!!

  9. Anonymous

    there is a problem when red bull truck is playing some banging music and no one cares about main stage

  10. Anonymous  

    i very much expect a campuswide orgy before graduation

  11. robin

    holy tits Batman!

  12. Anonymous  

    I want to be the bwog tag on that booby pic

  13. Anonymous  

    a school of 5000+ undergraduates and we can't even fill up low steps. good job on the performers, bacchanal

  14. Anonymous  

    gotta admit tho, for all the haters (myself included), big gigantic was actually pretty fucking sick

  15. Anonymous

    Are you referring to the band or the boobs?

  16. Anonymous  

    in a year, big gigantic might get big or one of the bands at bacchanal, and i guarantee every hater is gonna be telling their friends that they saw them first.

  17. Anonymous

    Are you kidding? Everyone there was fucking loving it. It was packed where it counted (I would have been completely okay with a smaller crowd in fact)! Big gigantic is fantastic, and if you haven't heard of them it is pretty much your loss for not giving it a chance . They are also one of those bands that are completely different live, so if you just youtubed them and didn't go, then of course you don't know what you missed.

  18. anonymouse

    Wow, so classy, Bwog. No offense to the possessor of those boobs, but it's not very appropriate to put a picture of them up on here. :/

  19. Anonymous

    Great day at Columbia!

  20. Guy in the first picture with the blue hat

    GO CANUCKS!!!!!

  21. Anonymous  

    the real question is if you actually win the Cup this year, how much will your riots cost the city this year?

  22. image 8  

    who invited jim gaffigan?

    psych. that would've been awesome.

  23. Anonymous

    i hate stickers

  24. Anonymous  

    i take back all the hate i gave big gigantic before the show

    sick concert

    fuckin loved it

    congrats bacchanal committee

    • Anonymous  

      I also take back all the shit I talked in Bwog comments about Bacchanal. The '90s theme worked well and Big Gigantic played a great set by all accounts. Creative choice of performers this year and I hope it's this good again.

  25. HELP!  

    anybody know the names of the DJ's in the Redbull Truck

  26. Big Gigantic?  

    Totally blacked out before that...

  27. Anonymous  

    The sound mixing for big gigantic sucked - you could barely hear the sax.

    And the day was only fun because the pretentious stressed-out preps that make up 70% of this school finally (artificially) loosened up through alcohol.

  28. Anonymous

    lol, reddit kid doesn't know how to party

  29. Anonymous  

    DEVILS. Kovy's the new Ovi

  30. Anonymous  

    The boobs are gone!

  31. Oh the humanity  


  32. speaking of sexual frustration...  


  33. PrezBo  



  34. Anonymous  

    Lets get boobs back guys.

  35. Anonymous  

    the bacchanal committee really fucked this up. i think there should be a voting process instead of letting a few rogue bohemians spend tens of thousands of dollars with no consideration of what the majority of the student body actually wants.

    don't get me wrong, i still had fun. but that was thanks to a copious amount of alcohol and the hilarity of the fact that people were more pumped about the red bull truck than big gigantic's shitty performance.

  36. Anonymous  


  37. Anonymous

    Had a great time...Thanks to some booze, fun people, and the red bull truck. YESSSSS!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous  

    ...the music sucked this year.

  39. Anonymous

    Music was ok this year but I got free food from PunchUp. Has anyone else heard about them?

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