1. Anonymous  

    Odds of getting a decent sized single on the 7th day of general selection...?

  2. first frosher  

    How many days of gen selection are there?

  3. Anonymous  

    april 18-30

  4. Anonymous  

    Jesus Christ.

  5. Anonymous  

    lmao the picture

  6. Anonymous  


  7. sooo  

    do saturday and sunday count as picking days? trying anything to make this situation seem better.....

  8. Rising Senior

    River, Broadway, Nussbaum?

  9. Anonymous

    April 27th, 2:24. I have class. DAMN YOU COLUMBIA

  10. Anonymous  

    Is there any way to know about how many people pick per day?

  11. Anonymous  

    What's better...a single in the shaft of broadway or a single in schapiro??

  12. Anonymous  

    ohhhh sonofa monkey's uncle

  13. monkey's nephew  

    you rang?

  14. Anonymous  

    how do you view what rooms have been taken and what rooms are empty?

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