Get Off Your Asses…Or Not

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As we watch prospies consider Columbia during Days on Campus and we begin to reevaluate why we chose college instead of that hippie collective farm in New Zealand, EcoReps has come to save the day, and also more importantly, us from ourselves. After a lot of hard work, and your input, they’ve assembled a new pilot Bike Share program so you can plan a romantic getaway on two-wheels or reaffirm why you choose a school where Magnolia Bakery is right downtown. The program will begin at the end of the semester and if you want to participate, you should fill out this survey by Wednesday at 10 pm. Godspeed! No one likes a slowpoke.

Just in case cupcakes weren’t impetus enough, the most annoying song ever:


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  1. Anonymous  

    i dont appreciate you shutting down flobots, bwog! i love this song

  2. Anonymous  

    i can ride mike bike with no mandelbars

  3. Anonymous

    What about gs, bc, anyone else?!?

  4. Anonymous  

    bwog gunna troll

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