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Slightly photoshopped photo of editors with open arms

It’s still beautiful out. Why not push your homework off just a little bit longer with the witty and, by now, super tan staff of The Blue and White? We’ll be planning for the final issue, thinking ahead to next year’s stories, and, of course, eating delicious snacks. You’ll find us at our old standby, St. Paul’s Chapel at 9 pm. It’s never too late to help out, share your wonderful insight, and make your mark before you leave these hallowed halls, or whatever. We hope to see you there!


The Editors


Adventure With Us via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. hey bwog  

    for some reason Casablanca is showing on the steps and i wanna know whyyyy

  2. The Cloaked Streaker  

    The bwog admits their campaign against fun! With clothes like that, no one would dare go outside and expect to have an ounce of fun. spécsucks.wordpress.com

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