Bwoglines: Birds of a Feather Edition

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Blue footed booby

There’s now a name for the behavior of awkward, anti-social New Yorkers—or at least for one facet of behavior. Have you played sidewalk chicken today? (Gothamist)

There are now delightfully invasive photos and a livecam of the baby hawks of Washington Square Park. Now it’s just time to name them! Perhaps not as majestic as Hawkma yet, but ridiculously cute nevertheless. (New York Times)

Cue some bird brain joke with the news that the intelligence gene has been tentatively found. Now cue genetic engineering dystopia joke. (LA Times)

A penguin angrily takes a bite out of Newt Gingrich’s finger. (NY Mag)

Does this bird actually have feathers? via Wikimedia 

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    when does senior wisdom start???

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