If Lunch Can’t Be Free, It Can Still Be Delicious

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Since it’s impossible to force yourself indoors today, here’s an idea for lunch outside! A hungry tipster spotted some Mexican food outside the 115th st. Starbucks. We assume it’s Mexican, at least. It could be Ukranian or something. But it looks delicious. Let us know how it is!

Take a journey to Mexico blvd.

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  1. or  

    you could get free food outside from Barnard Spirit Day?

    • The Cloaked Hungry Man  

      This is a veiled attempt to promote sponsored businesses on campus. Bwog finally admits that it has no connection with what is actually going on in the columbia campus, as pointed out by my friend above. LeRoy Jenkins would be proud of you. spécsucks.columbia.edu

  2. Anonymous

    they have AMAZING tacos!!! Loved their carnitas yay!

  3. Anonymous  

    They're on Broadway every Tuesday. The tortas are really good.

  4. this truck  

    is phenomenal. a little overpriced but phenomenal. sometimes under the bridge to east campus on amsterdam, also

  5. Anonymous  


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