How to Eat a Four-Course Meal on a Shoestring

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Shoestrings, sans four courses.

Four great events, four great courses…

Altschul Atrium, 7 pm: The McIntosh Activities Council’s Action and Network Committees and the New York City Civic Engagement Program will host a special screening of the film, Whatever It Takes. Join them for a casual pre-screening reception in the Altschul Atrium at 7 pm, featuring delicious appetizers (kosher option available) and mocktails, courtesy of the Barnard Alcohol & Substance Awareness Program. The film screening will follow at 7:45 in Altschul 202, where they’ll also be serving delicious popcorn handmade by CU Purple. Last but not least, stick around after the film for a very special Question and Answer Session with the protagonist of Whatever It Takes, Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics Principal Edward Tom.

Earl Hall Auditorium, 7 pm: The Office of University Chaplain will host Common Meal on Spiritual Health, emphasis on the Common Meal.

Dodge Room of Earl Hall, 8 pm: Student Global AIDS Campaign is hosting a teach-in on the Financial Speculation Tax (FiST), which is a tiny tax on banks that would raise billions to create jobs, stop climate change, and end AIDS. Sound too good to be true? Decide for yourself, while chowing down on free dinner from Long Grain Thai.

Hamilton 603, 8 pm: Join ADI for free Chipotle burritos and come hear Paul Fisher, CTO of Sonar, discuss Facebook’s hackathon child Cassandra and its evolution from Dynamo. Cassandra is a distributed storage system for managing structured data that is designed to scale to a very large size across many commodity servers, with no single point of failure. Reliability at massive scale is a very big challenge.

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  1. The Mysterious Hippie  

    People are literally starving in the streets not far from here and you elitist bastardized bwog reccomend that they make a four-course meal out of string? I expected, no wait, ne'ermind, I actualy expect this from the elitsit noobs that write for this blog. How about I force you to eat my high heels, bitches. PWND. spécsucks.wordpress.com

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