International Butler Anthem Arrives Home

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They’re at it again. Pure Premium Productions, the same producers that brought you Hogan and N*ggas in Ferris, now proudly present International Butler Anthem. It’s about finding love in a hopeless place. Enjoy, you horny little bookworms.

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  1. 3o

    I hear they're better live.

  2. UGK  

    pefect song choice...

  3. YOU GUYS.  

    Stop making these. You're not funny.

    Also, broke the cardinal rule of a Youtube/Vimeo being 3 minutes or less.


  4. Anonymous  

    one of these rappers just isn't like the others...

    but anyways, awesome

  5. 3 Stacks

    I got Scottish in my family

  6. Jk

    Nice job guys....Shu and Ryan are usually annoying but here they have done a fine job.
    Hats off.

  7. Anonymous  

    can you stop posting this shit? it's awful and you're encouraging them...

  8. Anonymous  

    Show some support! Please keep making these and Bwog, keep posting them. These guys are awesome.

  9. Anonymous

    everyone's just self conscious at Columbia. That's why we just can't gravitate towards five guys singing about how awesome they are at physics and pulling chicks. After barley finishing a problem set with no sleep and another full plate of work, seeing this stuff is like rubbing salt in the wounds. That's not because they're bad, it's pretty decent, but I understand why it pisses some people off.

  10. Anonymous  

    Columbia is full of haters, from Obama at Barnard, to Bacchanal to this. Get real and appreciate some hard working students

  11. Keepin' it Real  

    Columbia is a bunch of haters, from Obama at Barnard, to Bacchanal and now this. Stop and appreciate the work and effort that goes into rapping about sine approximations and women

  12. this  

    was painful to watch

  13. Anonymous  

    lol Columbia students hate people with confidence.

  14. What can I say...  

    I just really like bromances.

  15. Light criticism  

    The choral background is too distracting from the lyrics. It would've been fine to do as an intro, but doing it throughout takes away from what could have been a stronger beat.

  16. Anonymous

    wait i thought this was hysterical. nice job you guys!!

  17. Anonymous  

    Mary Byers has some $wag.

  18. Anonymous  

    when did mandlebaum get attractive. it's uncomfortable

  19. Anonymous  

    when did shu get so attractive? damn

  20. Anonymous  

    nah james you da hottest

  21. Anonymous  

    i liked it! but those white hats need to go

  22. Anonymous

    I wonder which one of them is gay? There's always one in boy bands. It's like a signature feature.

  23. Anonymous

    These kids love attention...

  24. Anonymous  

    Morgan Fletcher and Mary Byers are dimes. Having met Mary a few times though...I'm in love. Mary, Marry Me.

  25. That  

    was possibly the worst piece of shit I have ever watched

  26. nice guys but  

    Carman Hall was hands down the best

  27. CC'13  

    yo some of yall bitties need to lighten up. they do this for fun. they arent trying to be dicks, "pull chicks," attract attention, make a claim to the caliber of their musical abilities or any of that shit. they're just having a good time, so stop hating.

    and i just gotta say... class o 13 is the SHIT

  28. Anonymous  

    she also makes the greatest banana pudding. its official

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