Who Said Lawyers Weren’t Funny?

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Update: Looks like Columbia won!

Bwog is a big fan of self-referential jokes, so we can’t help but be amused by big and important law students making fools of themselves for the approval of their peers. Since you know you wanted an excuse not to start that final paper anyway, head over here and check out the cornucopia of embarrassing videos featuring future litigators around the nation jeopardizing their careers through lewd jokes and bad rap covers. Columbia’s submission (see below) is in 2nd 1st place by a narrow margin, and your vote could make the difference!

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  1. Anonymous

    This video reminds me of how whenever I step out of my dorm onto 114th street, scared for my life, and I happen to see an adorable couple cuddling, nuzzling, and generally enjoying each others company, I feel at ease, because I know that even if some mugger murders me for my I-Phone there's a decent chance he'll kill them first and I can die happy.

  2. Anonymous  

    Dear Bwog,

    Do you have to pimp everything you publish like a second-rate car salesman? Just drop a link and move on.

    -Person who sometimes likes your content but hates the sleeze.

  3. Anonymous  

    goddamn right. that should have been a sentence or three.

    seriously, i did read the first 2 sentences

  4. Grammar  

    It's "lewd" not "lude"

  5. Anonymous

    haha, laughed so much. this is really funny. thanks :-)

  6. Anonymous  

    I usually look past grammar/spelling mistakes on Bwog, but I-Phone is just too much.

  7. Anonymous  

    Thank you Bwog! If everyone could take a second to vote (it really takes only a second) it would be a huge help! We're soo close!

  8. impressed  

    60 vote gap, vote people! these people definitely deserve to win

  9. Anonymous  

    those law school cats can sing, that's for sure

  10. Anonymous  

    Only 39 votes behind! Every vote counts! Make sure to vote from your phone too :)

  11. Undergrads

    support the law school! Maybe then they'll let us in their library during finals. If not, I say we lock them out of Butler. Except the 4 people in this video.

  12. bc' 13  


  13. But  

    GW's Palsgraf is just... so good.

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