Drinking with Bwog: Keepin’ It Klassy

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hopefully at the end you don't die of consumption.

Flight of fancy

It’s finally the weekend again!  After what we’re sure was a hot mess totally composed Bacchanal experience, perhaps you’d like to regain some dignity points.  With this in mind, Bwog urges you to try something new and follow this handy guide detailing the ideal operatic soundtrack to your drink of choice.  Toast to your friends and, as always, be responsible.

White Russian
TraviataLibiamo ne’ lieti calici
Let’s be serious.  If this song wasn’t on the list we’d lose all credibility.  Just as Violetta gives Alfredo a white flower to show her love, give your beau a white Russian.

HamletO vin, dissipe la tristesse
“Let wine lighten my heavy heart!” Hamlet sings, convincing the troupe of players to perform at dinner–where he will prove that it ain’t a party till someone totally loses it and pours wine all over himself.

Jose Cuervo
Carmen: Les tringles des sistres tintaient
You just wanna go out and dance with your bitches?  Carmen feels ya, honey.

J. Roget Champagne
Don GiovanniChampagne Aria
Don Giovanni is such a kind soul that he just wants to invite all of the peasants into his house to drink!  …or he’s trying to sleep with the bride-to-be.  But come on if Mariusz Kwiecien came onto you on your wedding night, would it really be a struggle?

Shots of Nikolai
Is someone totally harshing your vibe at the pregame going on about the ghost of the man they just had killed? Lady Macbeth knows how you’re feeling, man.  Roll your eyes and take a shot with her.

Faust: Le veau d’or
Just give up.  If the Devil’s there, your story will always be topped.  He will win every drinking game.  Never have you ever been hypnotized by the Devil?  Boom, drink up.

La Boheme: Musetta’s Waltz
Sure, Mimi and Rodolfo are the leads, but it’s Musetta who steals the show.  In an attempt to make her ex jealous, she sings about how she’s so hot that all these men follow her around and give her nice things. Like you’ve never been there before.

Precursor to Moulin Rouge via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Hilarious  

    What a great post!!

  2. Legit.  

    Seriously great post. Also, good choice of clips, they're some of my favorite renditions (as an opera nerd). Jonas would've been greatly appreciated though.

  3. I LOVE YOU  

    Jonas Kaufmann is so ridiculously sexy.

  4. Anonymous  


    EXCEPT: Musetta's Waltz really isn't a drinking song...let Marilyn show them a real one as Orsini! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXE0DAPOfVI

  5. Inaffia l'ugola


    And then there's the Otello drinking song, when you know the night's starting to go downhill.

  6. Anonymous  

    this was wonderful!

  7. Anonymous  

    anyone else have little red pluses coming out of their cursor....

  8. Anonymous  

    More Jonas Kaufmann please.

  9. Could this be  

    the only Bwog post ever with no downvotes!? More opera!

  10. Anonymous  

    Even politicians like to shoot back a few once in a while. Watch as Nixon and Mao Zedong toast and cheer (???) over their legendary visit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TcOAMmY8yY

    Is it just me, or is there a lot of drinking in opera?

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