Overseen: A Tight Spot In Lecture

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A tipster sent us this salient reminder that it’s important to stay awake and alert in lecture, at all costs:

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  1. Anonymous  

    I believe bwog has steppéd over the génder line. By posting this the bwog is only promoting stereotypes about mén and encouraging this revelrous béhavior, labelling it as the norm. Notice how they post a straight male and his heterosexual desires! That is right, the very tolerane and opennness taht defines our campus is under seige and we a thé spécsucsk community will fight back!

    This only feéding the pérvading overcautious superegos that force individuals to engagé in unecessary Epicureanism and orgliciousnéss in a sad attémpt to fit in. Moreover, this directly contradicts the various articlés on the spéc repudiating gendér discrimination and violence agaisnt womén. Shamé on you bwog, shame on you (I think that close up will give little childrén nightmares for théi duration of their short lives on columbia campus before they die of syphalis while older men and women will die of bubonic plage with a 99% fatality rate). For the sake of Barnard children, think before you post.


  2. Anonymous  

    Look, this isn't appropriate to post.

    • Anonymous  

      I agree. This could potentially ruin his life or at the very least just severely embarrass him. I don't think anyone would like something like this being posted on a campus-wide blog, especially because there is enough facial detail for a friend of his to know it's him.

      This is in really, really bad taste.

  3. How DARE you?

    I'm not a stereotype!

    I drive well, I'm super social, I fucking hate math, and...and...what do you mean, show you my computer?!

  4. Anonymous  

    Bwog, you should at the very least blur out the guy's face.

  5. studious stanley  

    golly, from where I was sitting I thought it was just benzene

  6. He Who Walks Behind the Rows  


  7. Anonymous

    dudes calm down. I look at weird hilarious shit all the time in lecture and I'm sure people are freaked out by it. It's not like he was masturbating or something. He probably found the image just as funny as Bwog found it. And I'm sure people are looking at this image via blog in lecture right now. He shouldn't be embarrassed! C

  8. ...  

    and to think, i thought the whole point of a $200,000.00 columbian educational odyssey was to be able to click on links labeled NSFW in public with no fear or shame...

  9. Peix  

    OMG K-ON!!!!

    Azunyan <3333

  10. Anonymous  

    Why do people immediately assume that if bwog posts a picture depicting heterosexual male desires, it does not acknowledge the desires of homosexuals? People need lessons in logic.

  11. anyone have the link

    to that porn site?

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    you can find it easily on danbooru.

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