Gulati Gets His One Millionth Closeup

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Because we feel that we haven’t given Sunil Gulati, Principles of Economics professor, his due, Bwog decided to throw him a line and post an economics lesson he taught recently. There’s some complicated math involved, but it all adds up to everyone going to the Varsity Show. So, if Gulati says it (along with a slew of other campus characters) it seems like we should take it into serious consideration.


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  1. YES  

    you know, what? i WILL see the varsity show. thank you for convincing me.

    stuff like this makes this campus feel so small and unified and it makes me feel tingly inside

    • see,  

      the problem is that on one level i agree with this comment wholeheartedly. But the varsity show crew have proven themselves so willing to promote themselves via "anonymous" bwog comments that I have absolutely no clue whether it is genuine - whether someone was really convinced - or whether a cast member wrote this. It's frustrating because then I feel like I can't take any anonymous praise of the varsity show seriously - but that's something I'd very much like to be able to do.

      • Not Anon  

        I'm CC' 12, and I'm playing in the pit of the Varsity Show this year for the first time. In fact, (I should be embarrassed to say), that this is the first Varsity Show I've seen since my Days On Campus. I saw Act I of the show last night (ironically for the current Days on Campus), and I have to say, it's really a great show. For years at this school, I've been looking for a sense of community, and the result has always been finding events / groups that don't quite nail the school spirit or aren't broad enough to allow everyone to truly come together and enjoy something as a community. As an "outsider", being that I'm very newly exposed to the Varsity Show, I can say that the wonderfully creative and positive-vibing team (although campy at times, but really, they are a bunch of theater kids, what do you expect?) has shown me a side of the Columbia community I didn't know existed. I can't emphasize enough, that the Varsity Show has been such a great experience so far, and I can't believe I didn't watch it / wasn't involved in it earlier. This post is an honest and earnest opinion that I hope won't be seen as "promotional." I'm just trying to add to the dialogue.

      • YES  

        haha no no. i promise. i can't act/sing/dance. i'm not involved in V show nor do i have friends in it..... i just have a lot of feelings..

  2. Hispanic/Latino  

    Yo! Why does Dean Peña-Mora have subtitles? That's mad disrespectful!! Yo no voy a ver el Varsity Show ahora!

    • FENIOSKY  

      PEÑA MORAAAAA. Isn't it even more disrespectful to disobey this man's wishes and not go to the show?

    • Anonymous  

      yo chill it's just cuz the audio on his segments is really bad but it was too good a statement not to include

    • Anonymous

      Because 1, the sound on his segments is choppy, and 2, he has a relatively thick accent due to the fact that he is multilingual, which is more than virtually any other dean on this campus can say. Not everything is racial commentary, especially not this, so don't try to make this more than it is. It's people like you that proliferate racial division, not the ones who made this video.

      • Anonymous  

        Dean Awn speaks at least English, French, Latin and German, and I'm pretty sure at least 2 other languages so-so.

      • Anonymous  

        Making it more obvious that he has a thick accent doesn't help Sherlock.....read the comment in response to yours below before claiming to know who is and who isn't multilingual
        BTW...the second dude's microphone was partially crappy too...you don't see subtitles there..just saying

    • Anonymous  

      those subtitles are begging to be mocked. if not for finals, I'd recut this video with incorrect subtitles for everyone else

    • Ben and Hillary

      Hi there -- we sincerely apologize for any disrespect this may have caused. Having filmed Dean Peña-Mora with a sub-par microphone, we felt the use of subtitles was necessary, and of course we wanted to respect his time and support for the Varsity Show by including him in the video. That said, we realize this could be construed the wrong way, and again, we apologize. Please reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions.

      - V118 Producers

  3. omg  

    the giant pizza is speaking to me

  4. where can I find  

    the guy at the 1:05 mark?

  5. Anonymous

    Christia Mercer looks like a celebrity.

  6. LOVE  

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is amazing. Going to the varsity show.

  7. So  

    Should I go see the Varsity Show?




      Aki's term as CCSC prez was possibly the biggest disappointment of CCSC politics in recent memory. His emails are, consistently, borderline offensive with their elitest out of touch tone. I'll be happy to see him go

  9. Anonymous  

    could ke$ho be more flamboyant?

  10. Aki Terasaki  

    Thinks he's so gosh darn fabulous

  11. Anonymous  


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