Overheard: Days on Campus Has The Right Priorities

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Among the Things We Weren't Supposed to Learn During "Under One Roof"

Bwog remembers all too well how Columbia whored itself to us when we were prospective students. This fine institution would like to think it was the Core, diversity, or financial aid, but it’s fairly obvious what our decision really came down to. A tipster overheard this prospie speaking to her mother as she exited the John Jay gate:

Prospie: They kept feeding us! They just kept feeding us!

 NSOP via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Method Man  

    But first they sew they asshole closed

  2. GS Equal Treatment  

    our printing quota is used up, but we made a poster celebrating the occasion http://on.fb.me/Ik3RPX

  3. Anonymous  

    That's how they get ya...

  4. Anonymous  

    Good post sir, I just clicked on the link to comment the same thing

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