Bwoglines: Hard Truths Edition

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This guy has a beard

Politics very close to home: in Harlem, new demographics are shifting racial tides. (New York Times)

A city PSA commercial is looking for “ethnically ambiguous, real-type” actors to play homeless people—rather than, y’know, looking for actual homeless people to play homeless people. (NY Mag)

Just because you’re a hipster, doesn’t mean you get to shoot deer for your hipster indie flick. (DNA Info)

It’s not just you that hates the word moist. (The New Yorker)

A mouse that runs is smarter than a mouse that doesn’t run. The same probably applies to your really fit friend and you. (New York Times)

And in case all these hard truths brought you down: Everything you could ever want to know about beards. (Buzzfeed)

Sad thoughts via Wikimedia

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