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It appears that the movement of the GS graduation date, and subsequent travel fund establishment, has caught the eye of more than a few. This afternoon and evening, Channel 1 News was spotted filming on Broadway outside of Lerner, covering the timing turmoil. And at tonight’s GSSC gathering, there was an unexpected guest recording the no-doubt eventful meeting. Seems like the publicity and controversy surrounding GS isn’t going to blow over anytime soon.

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  1. EB

    Ah, that's where you are, Simon!

  2. Anonymous

    Who's the hottie in the back by the door?

  3. What does

    the always Karen Codchachev (i know misspeled) have 2 say about this? i Feel like his opinion would be quite an opinion, myrite? bet he's sed something . Has anybody ask him ???

  4. Media whore

    Why does Adam Gentle only seem to show up to events with media coverage?

    • Anonymous  

      $10 says this is Adam's nemesis Iban. You'll notice that Adam didn't take the damn picture of himself.

      • Anonymous

        There are numerous GSSC members, alumni, and students who can attest to the fact that Iban has been at the GSSC meeting since 8 pm and went out to socialize with everyone after the fact. He was nowhere near a computer at the time that comment was written. Get your information straight before making public accusations.

  5. Iban Goicoechea  

    I did not comment under the tag "Media Whore." Additionally, to call me Adam's nemesis is to make an uninformed comment about my behavior and personality, and the nature of the relationship between Adam and me.
    First, I never make anonymous comments. I state facts and my beliefs based on those facts when I make a public statement, and I always use my own name. I do not resort to insulting the character or character flaws of people that have different opinions than me. I am honest, and value my integrity. I maintain it by resorting to fact and truth, and I defend it when I must, as I am now.
    To say that Adam Gentle only attends events with media coverage is inaccurate, I personally know this. You're basing your conclusion that I made that comment and this perceived rivalry on my--factual and honest--statements during the Senatorial Elections, in which I vehemently oppose a candidate (in this case it was Adam) undertaking a responsibility that he has no experience or exposure to. To be clear: The university Senator is the sole representative that the GS student body has in the University Senate. This requires a personal investment in understanding the state of affairs prior to undertaking the responsibility; one should start reading books about raising a baby before it's born, not after.
    I knew that he had not made that prior commitment to the role because I am one of the two Senate Legislative Assistants, a member of the Policy Committee, and have attended most GSSC meetings this semester. That being the case, the first time I learned of Adam Gentle was on a campaign flier. During the election, Adam approached me to ask me about me experiences as an LA. He can attest that I was forthright and honest with him by saying that, even though I already decided on the candidate I would vote for, I would meet with him and be as helpful as possible because they are candidates for the same position and I want the winner to be as informed as possible, even if my candidate didn't win.
    My best interest is in the benefit of the student body, and I defended that interest as professionally, honestly, and deliberately as I could.
    That being said, I'll return to my statement that it is inaccurate to say that Adam Gentle only attends events with media coverage. Last week he attended the GSSC meeting; no media coverage, just the GSSC and audience. Since the end of the election, actually, Adam has attended just about every public GSSC event, and other events regarding sues that affect the student body. In conversation with a friend yesterday I talked about how his ability to rally support and recent history of participation will be beneficial if he decides to continue participating in the Student Government. I respect facts, and that is a fact. From my experience, do I believe he was ready to be a University Senator during the last election? No, I do not, and that could have been a detriment to the student body.
    Anonymous, If you would like to explain (using your actual name and qualifications) how your experience with the GSSC and Senate outweigh mine, and can debunk my factual claims, I'll listen. If not, you can find me in the GS Lounge tomorrow morning from 9-11:30, or can e-mail me to schedule a time and place that would be convenient for you to meet up and hand over those $10.
    Iban Goicoechea

  6. Iban Goicoechea  

    I know, that's why I took the time to correct your perception. Don't worry about giving me the $10, find a way to donate it to a fund assisting the families that are affected by the rescheduling of Senior Class Day and we're square.

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