Bwog Needs a Video Editor

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We’re looking for an intrepid and inspired student with experience filming and editing videos. Although we are primarily host to works of the written variety, Bwog has occasionally collaborated with a variety of talented campus videographers. We want to expand our A/V offerings, and so have decided to find a permanent Video Editor.

Job Description:

  • Filming: Our staff can help out with that!
  • Editing: Final Cut What??
  • Ideas: We’ve got a few ideas for projects that we’d like to explore, but besides that you’d be free to work on and publish whatever inspires you.
  • Resources: You’d be supported by our (extremely) limited resources!
  • Alcohol: Fun fact—”Drinking with Bwog” isn’t just a post, it’s an event.
  • Start Date: Next fall

If you are interested or have questions, please email [email protected].

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