GSSC: 62% of Grads Say Some Guests Can’t Come

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For a little extra context regarding the whole GS Class Day rescheduling debacle (which could have ended worse), check out GSSC’s survey, embedded below. They surveyed about half the graduating class, as well as a handful of CC, SEAS, and BC students.

Highlights: 62% of graduating seniors have at least one guest unable to come, the average family will be out $500, and almost half of those surveyed agreed with Dean Awn’s decision not to start at 5:30 am.

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  1. Anonymous  

    embedded where?

  2. Anonymous

    It doesn't surprise me that Dean Awn promised to boycott commencement if the date changed, and then supported the date change. This reeks of the time he told GSSC to investigate student interest in Latin diplomas, and then confronted with the news that GS students overwhelmingly supported the idea, said "as long as I am Dean of GS, there will be no Latin diplomas."

    • Anonymous  

      Why do people care about the language of their diplomas? Is there something I'm missing?

      • Word  

        Isn't the idea of a latin diploma antithetical to the mission of GS (as I understand it)? I think people care because it makes them seem fancy. It's probably steeped in tradition and hullabaloo, which is fine if you care about that kind of stuff.

      • I think..

        The allure is the fact that the other undergraduate liberal arts colleges, CC and BC, have Latin diplomas. Giving GS students an English diploma for an otherwise identical degree serves to further differentiate them from their traditional peers.

    • whatever

      I wasn't there to hear what he said, and really I don't care.

      Do you really want Dean Awn to boycott your graduation? If I get up there and he isn't there I'm going to be fucking pissed.

  3. Umm  

    Why can't Barnard have their Commencement on their own campus?

  4. Really  

    Columbia University should rescind the acceptance of Obama's invitation to speak for Barnard and instead bring back Abrahamson so we don't have the Class Day for hundreds of GS students ruined just so Obama can pander to Barnard girls.

    • Anonymous  

      Can Columbia University rescind the offer? I mean, isn't Barnard an independent liberal arts college, only affiliated with Columbia? However, I do wish that they could hold this on their campus somewhere (didn't they hold graduation or something in the gym last year?)

  5. Anonymous

    to think, none of these problems would exist if there was a SINGLE UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE.

  6. Anonymous  

    Almost half of those surveyed agreed...so doesn't that mean that more than half disagreed with the decision?

  7. whoa

    that powerpoint is NICE

  8. Problem Solved  

    Obama cancels and hands out campaign rally vouchers to the graduating Barnard class. The orignal schedule goes as planned, and Barnard students can hear Obama preach to the choir as he panders the pivotal female vote on his own time.

  9. 12 Year Old  

    During the meeting last night, Ms. Thong ejaculated, "Some guests can't come!".

  10. Anonymous  

    Graduation ceremonies are dumb.
    The end.

  11. Anonymous  

    I feel pretty terrible for this person. But your joke was still hilarious.

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