Look Up!

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A spaceship has been spotted flying over campus. Relevant.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Sir, there's another starship coming in...It's the Enterprise!

  2. FUCK  

    So pissed I missed this.

  3. Truth  

    The ending of the Space Shuttle program was the final nail in the coffin of our collective childhoods

  4. yo

    watch Wednesdays Colbert

  5. Mini me

    stop humping the spaceship.

  6. Anonymous

    Space Shuttle Columbia couldn't have flown over instead... That'd would've been sweet.

  7. The Masked Figure  

    Obviously photoshopped. A space shuttle can go to SPACE and a airplane can only go into the SKY. That is retarded obviously a plane cant carry a rocket. and plus anyway it is obviously fake because they got the size of the shuttle wrong idiots... a space shuttle is not smaller then a plane otherwise how could it get into SPACE. jeez I do not believe what sort of fools they take us for. Where did you get these photos bwog? from FUNNYJUNK?

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