Bwog Is Feeling Generous: Halloween Contests!

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this one's even sorta phallic

One of this year’s early submissions for inspiration.

It’s that time of year again, when we all dress up as our favorite characters/memes/concepts and brown out in a toga eat candy and have fun!

To commemorate, Bwog is holding its two traditional contests: the costume contest and the pumpkin carving contest. 

Just take a picture of your costume/pumpkin you make and send it to [email protected]. No Instagram filters necessary. Unless you’re dressing as a hipster or something, in which case it would be pretty witty.

The prizes for both contests are as follows:

  1. Two sixers of your choice
  2. A slice of Koronet
  3. A cup of Butler Cafe coffee

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, everyone.

If you have the magical skills necessary to win both contests, you get an air guitar signed by Tim Burton and the unofficial title of King/Queen of Halloween. You’re not gonna let that guy who lives across the hall from you have that satisfaction, are you?

Happy dressing/carving!


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  1. MD  

    What makes you think your prizes are worthy of my time?

  2. Anonymous  

    when is the deadline for submission?

  3. Anonymous  

    those crowns are suspended ingeniously

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