Housing Photo Contest: Bwog’s Submissions

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Though we’re sure you ignored¬†the email announcing are already well-aware, Housing is holding a¬†Photo Contest, soliciting submissions from Monday, October 21 – Friday, November 22 of¬†pictures of well-decorated and designed¬†undergraduate dorms or suites.¬†Winners will have the pictures of their dorm or suite featured on the¬†Housing website and receive¬†a $250¬†gift card and a¬†design consultation from Bed, Bath & Beyond. In the spirit of the competition,¬†Bwog has decided to submit pictures of a few stellar dorms that we think are definite contenders for first place:

That shameless promotional plug though via tips

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  1. An updated parent  

    Is that a sex doll?

  2. c'mon bwog  

    you can drink better wine than that

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