U did it!

Procrastinating Bwoggers Courtney Couillard and Alexander Pines teamed up to bring you the latest in our Small Victories Series. The latest victory? Finding the willpower to shower.

After only hitting the snooze button two times this morning, you are feeling like Clark Kent: ready to rip off your shirt and fly over Morningside Heights.  You’re really KILLING IT, son. You have secured yourself a solid half an hour before your first lecture of the day. But then a sneaking odor reaches your nose–which you blame on your roommate for not washing their sheets since move-in.

However the smell is too close. It’s…. you. You could have sworn you took a shower last night. Actually, maybe that was two nights ago, before you began your week in the company of Butler to study for midterms. Running your fingers through your greasy hair, you know what you have to do.

So you race across the hall in your pink towel with your shower tote and, there, you have made it to the golden kingdom: the shower.

Well, looks like nobody cleaned up that wad of hair in the drain since your last visit. Avoiding the hairball, you bask in the warm (at times) waterfall that you have missed. Cue pre-twerk Miley Cyrus’ “I Miss You.” Sha-la-la-laaaa.  You even start to sing and dance along.

Safely back in your room and drying off, you did it, kid. You won’t be that stinky kid in Butler–at least for today. And shit, you still have 15 minutes to grab a bagel for breakfast. Again, KILLING IT.