WiFi Comes to Law School—Thanks ESC!

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Rejoice, merry Columbians: ESC has brought wireless internet to the Law School. This comes in response to an article in the Spectator from October about the issue. In summary, the Spec reported that because the Diamond Law Library was not technically part of the University library system as a whole, and instead was under the jurisdiction of the dean of the Law School, undergraduate students were unable to access the wireless network. Thanks to the efforts of ESC, however, WiFi will soon be installed in Law School-affiliated buildings.

Here’s the press release from ESC.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.50.32 AM

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  1. Anonymous  

    yayyyy now i can cruise the law students AND actually get work done <3 love you ESC

  2. SEAS '14  

    YES - About time. Thank you for getting shit done.

  3. SEAS '14  

    daaaamn, ESC has been on a roll this semester.

  4. Five years  

    too late. And fix the damn wifi in Kent please

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