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Awn On The Afterlife


Art Hum quiz: who painted this?

While GS Dean Peter Awn is a turkey on Thanksgiving, he is a professor of Islam during the rest of the academic year. And he is accomplished. If you need proof, CNN featured him in this story about different religions’ beliefs in the afterlife, shared via a tip. Professor Awn contributed his knowledge:

Christianity clearly argues for an afterlife, a heaven. For Muslims on the other hand, they view paradise in much more concrete terms. For the Jewish community, one achieves one’s immortality in a sense through one’s family.

Deep thoughts, deep thoughts. Bwog wonders what will become of it when the fad of the Internet passes.

And what’s the title? via Wikimedia Commons

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  • GS/JTS says:

    @GS/JTS Looks like we might have an impact on campus after all.

    1. CC'16 says:

      @CC'16 lol k

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Columbia, meanwhile, believes in a kind of purgatory: GS.

  • "if you need proof" says:

    @"if you need proof" proof of accomplishment != saying 3 general sentences from an intro religion textbook

    1. Anonamoose says:

      @Anonamoose +1 for “!=”

      1. more like says:

        @more like ++

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous someone please explain

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous “! =” generally denotes something along the lines of “does not mean” or “is not equal to”. Guy’s pretty much saying that writing some sentences in an intro religion textbook does not an accomplishment make.

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